Climate Change and...

Employee Education


  • Written material on climate change and its relationship to natural resource management, including a Climate Climate Change Primer; an Introduction to Management Options & Strategies; and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about climate science basics, ecosystem impacts, and management options.
  • A collection of original video science lectures that help limit travel costs and footprint, by providing remote learning solutions. The catalog currently covers an estimated 60% of the needed topics for all disciplinary areas.


  • Custom-produced multimedia educational modules that address basic and advanced topics in climate change. A module could include a series of lectures, interactive quizzes, literature collections, and a 'certificate of completion' to provide credit for the learner.
  • Identification and creation of material on additional topics as needed. Upcoming priority topics under consideration include risk assessment, soil carbon, and watershed management.
  • Identification of additional online educational formats that cater to different learning styles
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