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This worksheet allows Forest Service and other scientists, NGOs, academic institutions, and others the ability to submit their tool for consideration and publication on the Climate Change Resource Center (CCRC) website.

What is a tool?

Managing a landscape, an ecosystem, or a forest stand in a changing climate can be daunting given the complexities inherent in climate change processes, climate change outcomes, and ecosystem carbon dynamics. Each of these issues involves multiple interactions within and between physical, biological, economic and social systems. Increasingly, land managers are faced with the task of taking these complexities and distilling what is known about them into appropriate plans and decisions. A tool by our definition is a scientifically-credible model, program, or interactive resource (i.e. not strictly a document or database) that allows ecosystem managers to incorporate climate change science, carbon management, and adaptation considerations into their decision making.

How do I use this worksheet?

If you or your institution has developed a tool that you'd like the CCRC to consider publishing on its website, please fill as much basic information as is possible/relevant and submit this application. Thanks for your submission.

USDA Forest Service CCRC Tool Submission Worksheet

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For your reference and to help aid you while filling out this submission form,
see an example of a tool sheet here.

Background Info
Ex: 555-555-5555 or john@fs.fed.us
Ex: Model, software, database, publication, etc.
Ex: Created in April 2009 and some relevent background includes....
Ex: Beta testing, final review stage, etc.
Tool Applications
Ex: Region 6, International, etc.
Ex: Large / Landscape, Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC), etc.
Ex: Field measurements etc.
Ex: PDF Reports, screenshots, etc
Ex: Results cannot be scaled up or scaled down accurately.
Ex: User guides, tutorials, etc.


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