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This worksheet allows Research Station staff and Forest Service scientists to submit new or updated/revised information about climate change-related projects with which they or others at their Research Station are involved. The purpose of the Research Roundup is to give land managers, fellow scientists, and other Forest Service staff an early and frequently updated glimpse of climate change related R&D activities throughout the country. This may facilitate greater opportunities for applied science and/or collaboration across Research Stations or Deputy Areas.

What qualifies for the Research Roundup?

Any applied, long-term, ongoing, or completed research dealing with climate change and its ecosystem or management-related effects or interactions may qualify. Completed and published projects are welcome; however, this page also serves as a more informal information exchange, so descriptions of recently initiated or ongoing projects are also welcome, as this can facilitate greater opportunities for science-management interaction during the early stages of research. Research Station staff are strongly encouraged to submit new projects on behalf of their station on an ongoing and frequent basis.

How do I use this worksheet?

If you'd like to submit a research project, just fill in as much information as possible/relevant and submit this online form. If your project qualifies, we'll post it to our Research Roundup site within a few weeks. Thanks for your submission!

USDA Forest Service CCRC Research Roundup Submission Worksheet

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