Climate Change and...

Re-Framing Forest and Resource Management Strategies for a Climate Change Context

Contents of the ToolBox: Adaptation, Mitigation and the "5-R Strategies"

Adaptation Strategies: 4. Realign Conditions to Current and Future Dynamics. "Auto-Mechanic" approach. For systems that have been pushed (manipulated, disturbed) far out of range of natural variability, actions that promote alignment with current conditions and processes may be the best approaches for restoration rather than returning to historic conditions. Using historic range of variability and returning habitats to pre-settlement or pre-disturbance conditions, which are widely used models for ecosystem restoration, will often be inappropriate because so much change has occurred since pre-disturbance times. In western North America, for instance, pre-settlement period is the mid-1800s, which coincides with the coldest part of the Little Ice Age. Clearly these are inappropriate conditions to use as a target for the 21st century environments. Re-aligning or tuning to current and anticipated environments and processes is more likely to be successful (Fig 4.).

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