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Climate Change and...


The CCRC bibliography contains citations and abstracts for approximately 1800 peer-reviewed papers that address the following questions:

  • How does Earth's climate system work?
  • How does climate change over time and what drives those changes?
  • What are the effects of climate change
  • What can be done to mitigate those affects or adapt to projected climate changes?

Entries are searchable and sorted by subject. Access to full articles may require a subscription.

Explore a variety of briefings and outreach materials on climate change topics. Written for general audiences, these include summaries on specific climate change subjects, as well as newsletters from each of the Forest Service Research Stations that highlight climate change research.

Find recent reports and documents recommended by members of the CCRC production team, and sorted by subject. Many of these reports were produced by governmental organizations and have undergone lengthy internal review processes, while some have been subject to a more traditional peer review. Documentation on Forest Service strategies for addressing climate change is included here.

The CCRC has a great selection of climate change websites, hand-picked from academic, national, and international organizations. Each link will take you to an external website.

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