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Issue 122 - Life on the edge: carbon fluxes from wetland to ocean along Alaska's coastal temperate rain forest - (2010-04-01, 6pp, 3.29MB) - Featured scientists Rick Edwards and Dave D'Amore
Issue 117 - Bioenergy from trees: using cost-effective thinning to reduce forest fire hazards - (2009-11-01, 6pp, 2.8MB) - Featured scientists Jeremy Fried and Jamie Barbour
Issue 113 - Land use planning: a time-tested approach for addressing climate change - (2009-06-01, 6pp, 607K) - Featured scientists Jeff Kline, and Jim Cathcart
Issue 17 - Changing with the climate - (2008-06-01, 12pp, 2.6MB)
Climate Change and Water - (2008-06-01, 4pp, 550K)
Issue 97 - Running dry: where will the West get its water? - (2007-11-01, 6pp, 796K) - Featured scientist Gordon Grant
Issue 93 - The Mysterious Demise of an Ice-Age Relic. Exposing the Cause of Yellow-cedar Decline - (2007-05-01, 6pp, 816K) - Featured scientists Paul Hennon, and Dave D'Amore
PSW-SP-007 - Restoring Forest Health - (2006-05-01, 6pp, 2.5MB) - Featured scientist Malcolm M. North
Issue 78 - Acting on Uncertainty in Landscape management—Options Forestry - (2005-11-01, 6pp, 671K) - Featured scientists Bernard Bormann and Ross Kiester
Issue 74 - Fanning the Flames: Climate Change Stacks Odds Against Fire Suppression - (2005-07-01, 6pp, 646K) - Featured scientist Jeremy Fried
Issue 73 - Keeping it cool: unraveling the influences on stream temperature - (2005-06-01, 6pp, 1.6MB) - Featured scientists Sherri Johnson and Steve Wondzell
PSW-SP-004 - Managing Wildland Fires: Integrating Weather Models Into Fire Projections - (2004-09-01, 6pp, 5.2MB) - Featured scientist Francis Fujioka
PSW-SP-003 - Air Pollution: Worldwide Effects on Mountain Forests - (2004-03-01, 6pp, 1MB) - Featured scientist Andrzej Bytnerowicz
Issue 6 - Western Forest, Fire Risk, and Climate Change - (2004-01-01, 12pp, 1.6MB) - Featured scientist Andrzej Bytnerowicz
PSW-SP-002 - High Sierra Ecosystems: The Role of Fish Stocking in Amphibian Declines - (2003-09-01, 6pp, 1.5MB) - Featured scientist Kathleen Matthews
PSW-SP-001 - Climate Change: Detecting Climate's Imprint on California Forests - (2003-03-01, 6pp, 1MB) - Featured scientist Connie Millar
Issue 44 - Is Carbon Storage Enough? Can Plants Adapt? New Questions in Climate Change Research - (2002-05-01, 6pp, 81K) - Featured scientist Ronald P. Neilson
Science Findings Issue 149 - Tangled trends for temperate rain forests as temperatures tick up. (2013-01, 6p, 2MB) Featured scientist Tara Barrett.
Science Findings Issue 150 - Forest in decline: Yellow-cedar research yields prototype for climate change adaptation planning. (2013-02, 6p, 1.62MB) Featured scientist Paul Hennon.
Science you can use bulletin Issue 4 - Return of the King: Western White Pine Conservation in a Changing Climate. (2013-04, 10p, 1.9MB)
Science you can use bulletin Issue 5 - Our Forests in the [Water] Balance. (2013-06, 9p, 900KB)
Research Review volume 17 - Helping communities take charge of their wildland fire safety. (2012-07, 6p, 1.1MB)
Overview of Fact Sheets, Briefs & Newsletters:

Here you will find materials that describe in brief how climate change is affecting forests and ecosystems, and how managers can and are responding to those effects. Many of these publications describe Forest Service research and ongoing projects that focus on climate change. For more detail on these subjects, see our Topic Pages, Recommended Reading, and Bibliography.

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