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Current Projects

What is the Forest Service doing when it comes to climate change? Here are examples of how scientists, managers, and their partnerships with one another and with outside organizations are addressing the issue of climate change and its effect on ecosystems. This is happening through scientific research, vulnerability assessments and adaptation efforts on National Forests and Grasslands, and education and information sharing.

Find summaries of scientific research and collaborations on climate change questions. Browse the research synopses by Forest Service Research Station, or contact listed scientists for more information on specific projects.

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With this story of the eastern brook trout, the CCRC starts a series unfolding the stories of climate change. Unlike research reports or topic briefings, these stories explore the experiences of land managers, scientists, and others as they study and cope with a changing climate.

Case Studies

Many forests and grasslands are taking steps to address the challenges brought on by the uncertainty of climate change. Here are a few projects that aim to assess ecosystem vulnerabilities to climate change and/or explore ways of adapting to or mitigating climate change through forest management.

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