Climate Change and...

Climate Basics

This section provides several resources that introduce the topic of climate change and discuss some of its implications for natural resource managers.

Education is the first step to understanding and incorporating climate change into natural resource management, and this page features an interactive module on climate change science, learning objectives, and other resources for learning or teaching climate change.

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The Primer provides a brief background on the science of climate change, and context of current climate change within past cycles of natural climate variability. It offers access to additional introductory information for those who may have more questions.


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Management Options lays out a vision of how to think about natural resource management in the context of climate change, and is a great introduction to many of the other resources offered on the CCRC. 

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For answers to specific questions on climate science, how climate changes affect ecosystems, or how to think about resource management under climate change, the FAQ’s may be a good place to start.

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