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Climate Change 2014: Impacts, Adaptation, and VulnerabilityClimate Change 2014: Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Working Group II focuses on climate change impacts, vulnerability, and adaptation to climate change. They have now published the summary for policymakers for the IPCC's Fifth Assessement Report. ~Posted April 2014

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Michigan Forest Ecosystem Vulnerability Assessment and SynthesisMichigan Forest Ecosystem Vulnerability Assessment and Synthesis

This product from the Climate Change Response Framework is specifically designed to address forests in Michigan's eastern Upper Peninsula and northern Lower Peninsula. It is meant to provide a valuable platform for foresters in the region to incorporate climate change considerations into management and planning. ~Posted April 2014

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Central Hardwoods ecosystem vulnerability assessment and synthesisCentral Hardwoods ecosystem vulnerability assessment and synthesis

More than 30 scientists and forest managers contributed to this report, which evaluates the vulnerability of terrestrial ecosystems in the Central Hardwoods Region of Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri to a range of future climates. ~Posted March 2014

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usda Climate Hub announcedUSDA 'Climate Hubs' Announced

Last week the USDA announced the launch of seven regional climate hubs, designed to deliver information to farmers, ranchers and forest landowners to help them adapt to climate change and weather variability. More information from the hubs will be coming soon!~Posted February 2014

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artic ice flowTree carbon accumulation

A recently published analysis of 403 tropical and temperate tree species shows that for most species, the growth of individual trees can continue to increase with size. This has implications for understanding carbon storage and sequestration within forested ecosystems.~Posted January 2014

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artic ice flowClimate change and North American rangelands

This recent publication evaluates strategies to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions on rangelands, and discusses actions that individuals, enterprises, and social organizations can use to adapt to climate change. It also assesses the subject of system transformation when adaptation is no longer sufficient to contend with climate change.~Posted January 2014

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artic ice flowClimate Change Tree and Bird Atlas Update

The Atlases now feature new ways to map, explore, and download current and possible future distributions for 134 tree species and 147 bird species in the Eastern United States.~Posted January 2014

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artic ice flowCarbon Budget 2013

The Global Carbon Project aims to develop a complete picture of the global carbon cycle, including its biophysical and human dimensions together with the interactions and feedbacks between them. Their 2013 Carbon Budget and Methane Budget are now available, along with several related items.~Posted December 2013

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artic ice flowImpacts of climate change on biodiversity, ecosystems, and ecosystem services

Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment has published a special issue on climate change, with papers that are relevant to ecosystem management. This collection represents the findings of a technical report to the National Climate Assessment. ~Posted December 2013

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artic ice flowCarbon Management Issue - Sustainable Landscapes in a World of Change

The papers in this Mini Focus issue of Carbon Management address many of the key issues for implementing REDD+. Articles are based on presentations from a special session at a Landscape Ecology Conference sponsored by the International Union of Forest Research Organizations that highlighted studies of tropical land-use changes, regional carbon budgets, biodiversity conservation, and forest monitoring. ~Posted December 2013

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