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IMPORTANT: The vendor application is available now for vendors to use when responding to solicitations or modifications for ALL resources.

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VIPR Vendor Survey

The Forest Service had asked you to give us your feedback in online surveys regarding VIPR customer service and support as well as VIPR system functionality and availability. A summary of the results from the online surveys, to include concerns, changes that have been implemented as a result of the feedback received, and actions for the furture is now available.

Notice for Vendors Registering in the Vendor Application: If a vendor has a new SAM record that is "In Progress" or "Submitted," then it is still being processed by SAM and is not available for other applications, yet, i.e. VIPR. The vendor will get a "DUNS not found in SAM" error message when registering in the VIPR vendor application and will NOT be able to proceed through the registration UNTIL their SAM record has finished processing in SAM and has an "Active" status. For more information, see the Overview for Using the Vendor App.
Notice for vendors who use Internet Explorer 9: Please see important message about browser incompatibility issues with VIPR…read more
Notice for all vendors: Please ensure that you have identified as a trusted source for receiving emails. We have seen instances where some email servers reject these emails as "spoofing" and/or a sign of "phishing" or "scamming."

The VIPR application is available for vendors to use when responding to solicitations or modifications for all resources. VIPR is now interconnected with the System for Award Management (SAM), which means vendors who use VIPR MUST have active SAM accounts. Also, VIPR vendors MUST ensure their vendor company name, company DBA, company address and mailing address in VIPR match the information that is in their SAM records.

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