National Solicitation Templates

National Solicitation Templates have been established to provide consistency in the acquisition methodology, methods of hire, and equipment typing and standards throughout the Forest Service.

Due to frequent changes in acquisition rules and clauses it is necessary to periodically update these templates. Awarded agreements, Incident Blanket Purchase Agreements (I-BPAs), will in most instances be modified to incorporate the latest changes as well.

The templates in the drop-down list show what would be included in an awarded I-BPA. If the Forest Service is the contracting agency, the templates must be used through VIPR for pre-season agreements. The specifications may also be used when doing incident-only EERAs. Please direct questions regarding the templates to the Contracting Officer for your Geographic Area (Region).

Note that the resource categories/types associated with the following templates are as follows:

  • Heavy Equipment: Dozer, Excavator, Tractor Plow, Transport
  • Heavy Equipment with Water: Pumper Cat, Skidgine, Softtrack
  • Mechanic with Service Truck: Heavy Equipment Type 1, Light Auto/Heavy Truck Type 2
  • Miscellaneous Heavy Equipment: Feller Buncher, Mulcher/Masticator - Boom Mounted, Road Grader, Skidder, Strip Mulcher/Masticator
  • Vehicle with Driver: Passenger Vehicles, Trucks
  • Water Handling: Engine, Water Tender Support, Water Tender Tactical

For additional information on specific resource categories, refer to the National Solicitation Plan (NSP).

Solicitation Template Modifications View archive of updates

Changes as a result of Maintenance Cycle run on 12/29/15 are as follows:

  1. E10 – Exhibit O – Water Handling (2016). There were duplicate exhibits in the 2016 Water Handling solicitation template. The template included the updated Exhibits N and O as well as the old ones. The old Exhibit N and old Exhibit O were deleted from the 2016 Water Handling template.

  2. D02 – Equipment Requirements – Vehicle with Driver. Per CR0214, existing language in paragraph D.2.1.1(f) under contractor provided equipment for BOOTS is renumbered from D.2.1.1(f) to D.2.1.1(g) and new language for D.2.1.1(f) is added to include a definition for STAKESIDE TRUCKS to read:
    (f) Stakeside trucks pickups are defined as flatbed trucks with railings that are, at a minimum, the same height of the cab and firmly attached on all 4 sides. The railing on the sides and the rear of the bed must be removable for loading/unloading cargo.
    (g) BOOTS: All Leather uppers, lace-up type, minimum of 8 inches high with lug type sole in good condition (steel toed boots are not recommended).

  3. D02.5 – Equipment Requirements – Water Handling (2016). An error in the paragraph numbering for Biobased Products was corrected to remove the extra ".2" from "D.2.2.4" to read "D.2.4".

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