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National Solicitation Templates

National Solicitation Templates have been established to provide consistency in the acquisition methodology, methods of hire, and equipment typing and standards throughout the Forest Service.

Due to frequent changes in acquisition rules and clauses it is necessary to periodically update these templates. Awarded agreements, Incident Blanket Purchase Agreements (I-BPAs), will in most instances be modified to incorporate the latest changes as well.

The templates in the drop-down list show what would be included in an awarded I-BPA. If the Forest Service is the contracting agency, the templates must be used through VIPR for pre-season agreements. The specifications may also be used when doing incident-only EERAs. Please direct questions regarding the templates to the Contracting Officer for your Geographic Area (Region)

Solicitation Template Modifications View archive of updates

April 16, 2014 Maintenance Cycle:

  • HOS Trailers D02 – Equipment Requirements: Changes the language to the windsock, radio, and telephone jack requirements in D.2.1.1 (14), D.2.1.4, and D.2.1. (CR0184)
  • HOS Trailers D02 – Equipment Requirements: Changes language to the external generator requirements in D. from 10,000 watts (10kw) to 6,000 watts (6kw). (CR0185)
  • Commo Trailers, GIS Units, HOS Trailers D06 – Ordering: Changes the language to add an extra set of parenthesis around the daily and weekly rate in the formula within D.6.2 to read: (((Daily Rate + Weekly Rate)/8) x 0.7) + ((Monthly Rate/30) x 0.3) (CR0183)
  • GIS Units D06 – Ordering: Adds (b) GISS as an attribute not given points under D.6.2. (CR0183)

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