Acquisition Management (AQM) Regional Contracting Officers *

Name Organization E-Mail
Debby Wesselius Region 1 Debby Wesselius
Kim Luft Region 2 Kim Luft
Stephanie Archuleta Region 3 Stephanie Archuleta
Sue Huston Region 4 Sue Huston
Steven Teves Region 5 Steven Teves
Kermadine Barton Region 6 Kermadine Barton
Shundrica Daniels Region 8 Shundrica Daniels
Tamie Thompson Region 9 Tamie R Thompson
See Note* Region 10
Jeff Worthley BLM Jeff Worthley

* NOTE: Contracted equipment for incident support is managed by the Alaska Department of Natural Resources Division of Forestry.

Regional Sites

Name URL
Northern Region (R1) (NRCG)
Pacific Southwest Region (CA) (R5)
Pacific Northwest Region (R6)

Virtual Incident Procurement System (VIPR) Team

Name Role E-Mail
Interagency Incident Applications Helpdesk (including VIPR) Vendor / CO Assistance with Using VIPR 866-224-7677, Option 3 or email the helpdesk
Doris Broussard Program Manager Doris Broussard
Glen Kinder VIPR Technical/Business Lead Glen Kinder
Scott Barber VIPR Technical Team Project Manager Scott Barber

Fire Contract Equipment Specialists

Name Organization E-Mail
Dave Haston Washington Office Dave Haston
Chris Loraas Region 1 Chris Loraas
Kim Luft Region 2 Kim Luft
Richard Nieto Region 3 Richard Nieto
Cathy Baird Region 4 Cathy Baird
Sue Zahn Region 5 Sue Zahn
Katie Mergel Region 6 Katie Mergel
Terry Eller Region 8 Terry Eller
Scott Crist Region 9 Scott W Crist
Shane LaValley Washington Office Shane LaValley
Kolleen Beesley WO-CIO (P25 Radios) Kolleen Beesley

Incident Procurement Policy

Name Role E-Mail
Ron Schilz Procurement Analyst Ron Schilz

Fire Equipment, Services & Supply Acquisition Analysis (FESSAA) Team

Name Role E-Mail
Judy Dunnam Management Analyst Judy Dunnam
Brandy Jiron Procurement Analyst Brandy Jiron
Shane LaValley Procurement Analyst Shane LaValley
Teri Sabin Procurement Analyst Teri Sabin
Amy Irwin Management Analyst Amy Irwin
Tiffany Taylor Assistant Director, WO AQM Procurement Policy & Systems Tiffany Taylor

EaV - (FS Internal Only)

Name Role E-Mail
Doris Broussard Branch Chief,WO AQM Systems Doris Broussard
Glen Kinder Project Manager Glen Kinder
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