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Boy Scout Jamboree

July 30, 2010

The Boy Scouts of America adult leadership held a special luncheon today at the 2010 Boy Scout National Jamboree to present the William T. Hornaday Gold Medal to Tim Beaty, the Forest Service’s liaison with the Boy Scouts and other partnership organizations. The Hornaday Gold Medal is the highest individual conservation award presented to an adult scouter for distinguished and unusual service for natural resource conservation and environmental improvement over a sustained period. Beaty is the lead organizer for the Jamboree National Forest, part of the Conservation Trail, which is a segment of the BSA Jamboree devoted entirely to conservation education. Beaty received the award for over 20 years of his tirelessly efforts to influence and educate young people in the necessities of natural resource conservation.

Dr. Hornaday was the founder of the National Zoo in Washington D.C. and in 1914 started awarding conservation medals to scouts and scouters who distinguish themselves in the field of natural resource conservation and education. Since the beginning, there have been about 50 Gold Medals bestowed to people who give a large part of their lives to further the cause of conservation education. Other recipients include outstanding conservationist such as wilderness advocate Aldo Leopold and former U.S. Forest Service Chief Max Peterson who presented the award to Beaty.

When Beaty spoke after receiving the prestigious award he said he does not believe adult scouters should work to achieve awards, but should work to achieve a worthy goal and recognitions will follow whether you wish for it or not Beaty has represented the Forest Service during six National Jamborees. He was instrumental in the development of the Conservation Trail venues created and staffed by state and local government agencies and environmental and conservation organizations such as the society of American Foresters, Conservation USA, and Tread lightly and Leave no Trace. Beaty brought together a wide Varity and cross section of the government and public to participate in the quadrennial events.



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