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Boy Scout Jamboree

The Forest Service has a longstanding history and tradition of supporting the Boy Scout Jamboree. This year the Scouts celebrate 100 years of Scouting. As the FS joins in this centennial celebration dedicated to the character development of our young people, we also look to solidifying the framework and structure that will support the land conservation values, ethics and decisions of future generations.

We set out an extensive array of displays and hands-on exhibits for the Scouts and attending Scout leaders, civic and community members, and other dignitaries and chaperones. The main feature of the exhibits is the Jamboree National Forest. The Decision Tree is the foundation of the Jamboree NF. Scouts and visitors are faced with a variety of situations, requiring them to make a decision. They can then see the results of their decision before moving on to the next issue, which is based on the results of their previous decision. From a single entry point the Scouts and visitors can arrive at any of 14 different ending conditions based on their decisions. This very visible and personal exercise brings home the need for sound conservation and land management information and decisions to all Jamboree NF participants.

Other significant exhibits and displays include:

Outdoor Ethics – This exhibit will present Leave No Trace (LNT), Tread Lightly! and the Outdoor Code and will be staffed by an interagency group of LNT Master Educators.

Take Pride in America/Conservation USA
The Take Pride in America program is inviting all people at the Jamboree to participate in a one hour conservation service project for Ft AP Hill. This exhibit will also be a place where the agencies will distribute literature and we will point participants to our larger Conservation USA exhibit on Thomas Road.  It will be staffed by an interagency group representing the federal partners of Take Pride in America and members of the Order of the Arrow that lead the highly successful ArrowCorps5 projects.

Society of American Foresters (SAF) and the Virginia Department of Forestry 
The SAF and the Virginia Department of Forestry will have interactive exhibits on the Conservation Trail. 

Merit Badge Midway
The Merit Badge Midway is a series of booths where different agencies and other partner organization conduct instruction and other activities to complete several requirements for various merit badges.

William T. Hornaday
The William T. Hornaday award is the oldest continuously issued conservation award in the world.  Aldo Leopold received the third medal given by Dr. Hornaday and held it in very high regard. The Hornaday exhibit on the trail will be staffed by a mix of interagency personnel and Scouts.  There will be a first ever reunion of all past recipients of the Hornaday award at this Jamboree.


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