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Watershed, Fish, Wildlife, Air & Rare Plants

WFW Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) and Memorandums of Agreement (MOA)

MOUs or MOAs can be used to promote the conservation and use of Watershed, Fish, Wildlife, Air & Rare Plants staff resources.

For further information, contact the "principle contacts" given in each MOU/MOA.


  • Soil Survey with NRCS (MOU); 1961 - typed signatures. Includes Amendment #1
    (PDF 26.4 KB)

  • Soil Survey with NRCS (MOU); 2008 - Amendment #2. Scanned images.
    (PDF 73 KB)


  • Kephardt - Camassia & Hastingsia Research Project (MOU); 2010
    (PDF 2.87 MB)

  • Xerces Society+ letter (MOU); 2009
    (PDF 2.29 KB)

  • NatureServe-TNC (MOU); 2014
    (PDF 263 KB)

  • The Nature Conservancy - TNC (MOU); 2009
    (PDF 1.96 KB)

  • Florida Biodiversity Foundation, Inc. (MOU); 2008
    (PDF 41.1 KB)
    Announcement Letter for the Butterfly Conservation Initiative and a Service-wide Memorandum of Understanding with North American Butterfly Association
    (PDF 27 KB)

  • North American Butterfly Association (MOU); 2008
    (PDF 44.2 KB)
    Announcement Letter for the Butterfly Conservation Initiative and a Service-wide Memorandum of Understanding with North American Butterfly Association
    (PDF 27 KB)

  • Greater sage-grouse - multiple agency (MOU); 2008
    (PDF 104 KB)

  • Bat Conservation International (MOU); 2008
    (PDF 41.4 KB)

  • Listing Prevention (MOU); 1994
    (PDF 22.1 KB)
    Note: This "listing prevention" MOU expired 30 September 1999, and it was not renewed/replaced. Assessment in 1999 was that the involved agencies had institutionalized the intent of the MOU into their policies, management and practices (due in part to the MOU), and that the benefits of trying to establish another interagency MOU were not greater than the work involved. This MOU is often requested, though expired, hence the unusual posting.


  • Promoting Conservation of Migratory Birds (MOU); with Fish & Wildlife Service; 2008
    (PDF 751 KB) - Image; scan of original signed MOU
    (PDF 67 KB) - Text; converted Word document

  • Mule Deer Foundation (MOU)
    (PDF 145 KB)

  • National Wild Turkey Federation (MOU)
    (PDF 257 KB)

  • Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation - PARC (MOU)
    (PDF 52 KB)

  • Quality Deer Management (MOU)
    (PDF 129 KB)

  • Quail Unlimited (MOU)
    (PDF 268 KB)

  • Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (MOU)
    (PDF 320 KB)

  • Shooting Sports Roundtable (MOU)
    (PDF 171 KB KB)

  • Sportsmens Access (MOU)
    (PDF 470 KB)

  • Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC) + NRCA (MOU)
    (PDF 199 KB)

  • Wildlife Management Institute - WMI (MOU)
    (PDF 257 KB)

  • Wildlife Society, The (MOU)
    (PDF 34.5 KB)


  • USDA NRCS: Cooperative Snow Survey and Water Supply Forecasting Program (MOU)
    (PDF 215 KB)

  • US EPA: Fostering Collaboration and Efficiencies Addressing Water Quality Impairments on National Forest System Lands (MOA)
    (PDF 2.46 MB)

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