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Welcome to the Forest Service - National Stream & Aquatic Ecology Center.

The focus of the National Stream and Aquatic Ecology Center is on developing tools and science applications for the more effective management and conservation of watersheds, streams, riparian ecosystems, fisheries and aquatic ecosystems on National Forests and Grasslands.

The Watershed, Fish, Wildlife, Air and Rare Plants (WFWARP) Program combined two of its Technical Units: the Stream Systems Technology Center and the Fish and Aquatic Ecology Unit. An executive Steering Committee and new Charter were developed to guide the integration of the units.

Charter - signed 2013 PDF 1 MB

Briefing Paper - August 2013 PDF 30 KB


    Focus on:

    • Environmental flows and water resource management.

    • Watershed, stream, riparian, and aquatic habitat restoration.

    • Condition, trend, and effectiveness monitoring of watershed, channel, aquatic habitat, and riparian vegetation.

    • Technology Development, Transfer and Application

    • Technical Support and Training.

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