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General/Cross Areas

Rocky Mountain Research Station to host National Fire Decision Support Center
Our wildfire suppression response is creating historic levels of firefighter exposure and increased budgetary costs. Today’s expenditures are influenced by changes in climate and ecological condition; expansion of the wildland urban interface; and escalating costs for key firefighting resources, such as aviation assets. State-of-the-art decision science and tools developed within RMRS help evaluate wildfire risks and potential consequences, supporting effective and accountable decisions. In response, Chief Abigail Kimbell established the National Fire Decision Support Center (NFDSC) in April of 2009.

Corporate delivery of decision support through the NFDSC will increase the quality and consistency of our agency administrator decisions. In addition, this investment will complement ongoing actions, such as our large fire strategy; implementation of the Federal Wildland Fire Policy’s guidance update; and deployment of the Wildland Fire Decision Support System’s tools, including the replacement process for the Wildland Fire Situation Analysis.

The NFDSC will be the focal point for this investment. The NFDSC is a collaborative effort between Fire and Aviation Management and Research and Development. It will provide a key link between wildland fire science development and the appropriate application of that science. The NFDSC will deliver: (1) corporate decision support and monitoring; (2) improvement in supporting fire science so risk models can be enhanced; (3) development of fire economic models to inform agency administrator decisions; (4) “state of the art” risk management protocols; and (5) social science that helps inform decisions.

Contact: Cindy Swanson, 406-542-4172

Submitted By: Cindy S. Swanson, USFS/RMRS/Missoula

National Public Lands Day – September 26, 2009
National Public Lands Day (NPLD) is an annual opportunity for volunteers to give back to their public lands. NPLD is the nation's largest hands-on volunteer effort to improve America's public lands. In 2008, 110,000 volunteers worked at 1,300 locations in all 50 states. Many of our National Forests and units are participating in events recognizing National Public Lands Day.
More Information – Register your events

Submitted By: Casey Giffen, USFS/WO/WFW

Our Water Supply Down the Drain -- ? -– A National Water Perspective
Opinion from Sunday Washington Post. ȁIn the United States, we constantly fret about running out of oil. But we should be paying more attention to another limited natural resource: water. A water crisis is threatening many parts of the country -- not just the arid West. …”
Sunday, August 23, 2009 Link

Submitted By: Jean Thomas, USFS/WO/WFW

Earth’s Water from Above: Spaceborne Perspectives
Excerpt: Circle of Bue: WaterNews
August 24, 2009
Distancing the View to the World’s Fresh Water to Get to Know It Better
The spaceborne satellites and radars of the the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the European Space Agency (ESA) capture scores of true- and false-color images of the Earth’s water every day. These dazzling photos and composite images offer a unique new perspective on the river basins, lakes and glaciers of the world.”

Link - See the slide show of images from the satellites of Earth’s water.

Submitted By: Jean Thomas, USFS/WO/WFW


NEW Northern Region Fish Program Leader!
Scott Spaulding is the new Fish program leader for the Northern Region/R1. Scott has a breadth of fisheries experience, having worked for the Forest Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, tribal fisheries, and the Peace Corps. Congratulations and welcome Scott!

Submitted By: Steve Philips, USFS/WO/WFW


Bald Eagle Chick Live Cam -– All Grown Up!
Our Eagle chick – Pengra - is no longer a chick! Pengra has fledge (left the nest). Every now and then Pengra returns to the nest, though she is now on her own. Watch clips of Pengra over the season.

The webcam experienced technical difficulties. Due to a thunderstorm in the area of the nest around August 1, the camera power supply may have been damaged by lightning. For a few days the camera was not working. As you can see, it is back online but has been knocked sideways.

Submitted By: Don Virgovic, USFS/WO-R6/WFW


FWS Announces Adoption of Wetlands-Mapping Standard
Link: USDOI FWS – People, Land & Water
Excerpt: “Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced on August 18 the adoption of a Wetlands Mapping Standard that provides minimum requirements and guidelines for wetlands-mapping efforts. The new standard will guide current and future wetlands digital-mapping projects and enhance the overall quality and consistency of wetlands data. Quality data on wetlands are critical for planning effective conservation strategies to benefit fish and wildlife resources now and in the future. …”

Submitted By: Randy Davis, USFS/WO/WFW


Upgrading Aquarod –- Need Input from Remote-Site Water-Level Recorder Users
Reply By: October 2, 2009
The FS Technology & Development program has received a request to develop or upgrade an inexpensive water-level measuring and recording device that is easy to install and maintain in remote areas. A long-lasting power supply and convenient, fast data downloading were also requested. The Aquarod, originally developed in 1997 under a coop agreement between the FS Stream Team and the University of Washington (Stream Notes Jan 1998,, achieved some of these objectives, but it has never been updated. Upgrades in the power source and the electronics, among other things, are needed to achieve the goals of the T&D proposal. For the proposer, one of the most important changes was lowering the price from the current price of around $1000. This can only happen if more units are ordered and sold. Therefore, we need to know whether there is broad interest in a reengineered, upgraded Aquarod.

Upgrades would include at a minimum:

  • Downloading to a data card, flash drive, or other storage devices without removing the rod or losing settings (could be wireless).
  • Power by commonly available batteries lasting at least 3 months, and/or an alternative power source such as solar.

Another upgrade that has been suggested is the ability to adjust rod readings to exactly match staff gage stage readings. Your answers to the following questions will help us evaluate how to proceed.

  • If you’re using the Aquarod, how is it working for you? Does it provide something valuable to you that other instruments don’t offer? If the above upgrades were made, would you be likely to order one or more?
  • If you’re not using the Aquarod, what are you using to monitor water levels? Are you satisfied with it?

Please email Kim Clarkin your thoughts on these questions and the overall issue. Any amount of detail is greatly appreciated. If you know others in or out of the agency who deal with water-level recorders, please consider forwarding this to them too.
Contact: Kim Clarkin,

Submitted By: Kim Clarkin, USFS/San Dimas Technology and Development Center

National Hydrography Dataset + YouTube = Great Outreach/Education
USGS posted their NHD (National Hydrography Dataset) video on YouTube – providing easy public access and taking their information to where a non-traditional public hangs out (i.e., a segment of the public that probably doesn’t know much about the US federal lands system or USGS). Using YouTube is a great way to communicate about the water and natural resources. Brian Sanborn shares the following regarding NHD, “USGS put together [a video] on the National Hydrography Dataset, showing some of the varied applications for which the NHD serves as a foundation. The USFS was instrumental in assisting the USGS and state partners in completing the dataset on USFS lands. The data are available to all USFS users in the Enterprise Data Center and also serve as a cornerstone for national applications such as NRIS Aquatic Surveys, Watershed Improvement Tracking, and the upcoming Water Rights and Uses and also serves as the agency standard for surface water hydrography. At the ESRI Users Conference, the NHD received acclimation for being the first completed national data layer for the National Map and also as a model for cooperative development of a national dataset. The USFS is acknowledged as being an integral partner in the NHD Program.

One of the reasons the USFS supported and incorporated the NHD is the concept of local stewardship of the data. Data Stewardship is an integral part of the data model and has become the major focus of the NHD program. Forests across the country are actively involved with state and other local partners in updating and improving the data. At a national level we are actively involved in the NHD Management team, assisting USGS in managing the NHD program to meet current and future needs.” Links provided by Brian.

Submitted By: Jean Thomas, USFS/WO/WFW


NEW Southern Region Wildlife Program Leader!
Brad Nelson is the new wildlife program leader for the Southern Region. Brad is moving to Atlanta, Georgia from the Allegheny NF. October 15th is likely the first day Brad will be in his new office. Congratulations Brad!

Submitted By: Dennis Krusac, USFS/R8/BPR

NEW Northern Region Wildlife Program Leader!
Erick Tomasik is the new Regional Wildlife Program Leader for the R1/Northern Region.
Eric has experience at a variety of administrative levels, with a strong "service to the field" ethic. He's a tireless worker whose skills complement our existing staff skills well. Eric has an open communication style and a good sense of humor. Eric is currently working in the NEPA, Appeals, and Litigation group in the RO, but we're looking forward to him starting in his new role.
Congratulations and Welcome!

Submitted By: Eric Johnsonton, USFS/R1/WWFRP; Gene DeGayner, USFS/WO/WFW

Elk Foundation Files Motion to Intervene in Wolf Litigation
Press Release: August 28, 2009
Contact: Steve Wagner, 800-654-3766,
Press Release at The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation URL
Excerpt: The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has filed a motion in Missoula federal court to enter an amicus curiae brief supporting state-regulated wolf hunting in Idaho and Montana. If the motion is granted by U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy, RMEF documents will be considered in Molloy’s decision on whether to allow or stop the hunt.

NPR Story: Wolf Hunt Starts in Idaho

Submitted By: Sandy Kratville, USFS/WO/WFW & RMEF Liaison


General/Cross Areas

Congressional Briefing Conference -– Woods Institute
Conference Dates: September 29 - October 1, 2009
The Woods Institute is hosting the Congressional Briefing Conference. Woods Institute is known for providing quality training and conferences. If you have the budget and time –get this on your calendar. 𠇍uring the three-day seminar on Capitol Hill, offered each spring and fall, participants have the opportunity to observe Congress in action in committee and, security permitting, from the House and Senate galleries in the U.S. Capitol. A series of speakers cover topics in both programmatic and budgetary policy areas concerning the management and stewardship of the federal public lands and natural resource programs. Speakers include Members of Congress with interests in conservation and environmental issues, committee and personal staff from both the House and the Senate who work with the federal public lands and natural resource programs as well as lobbyists from industry and the environment interested in the management and preservation of federal lands. There are also sessions with federal agency staff form the Departments of Agriculture and Interior who work with the players on Capitol Hill.”

Fee: $875 –- government credit cards (purchasing, not travel) accepted.
More Information & Online Registration:
Contact: Patricia D. Woods, Ph.D., 202-483-6167,

Submitted By: Wayne Owen, USFS/WO/WFW

Forest Management Conference -– Call for Posters
Posters DUE: Accepting proposals/abstracts in mid-September
Theme: Pre- and Post-Wild Fire Forest Management for Ecological Restoration and Fire Resiliency

Conference Dates: February 9 -– 11, 2010
Location: Sacramento, California
Facility: Wildland Fire Training and Conference Center
Sponsors: USDA Forest Service and University of California
Description: The objective of this conference is to bring scientists, forest managers, environmental organizations and interested members of the general public together to present and discuss information relevant to the management of forested land before and after wildfire. The focus of the conference will be on conifer forest types common to the Sierra Nevada and Trinity-Klamath Region of California. It is expected that information presented at the conference will have application to similar forest types in other regions.

Registration: To Be Announced
Contact: Sherry Cooper, 530-224-4902 or 510-643-5429

Submitted By: Cheryl Carrothers, USFS/WO/WFW – on detail


Annual Regional Fish Program Leader & Aquatic Ecologist Meeting – December
Dates: December 15 –- 17, 2009
Location: Washington DC
Get in the holiday spirit in DC style! New York isn’t the only city that embraces the winter holiday season with gusto.
Facility: Ritz Carlton, 1150 22nd Street N.W., Washington DC
(The Ritz Carlton at government rate -– you didn't know that? Learn something new.)
Agenda: To be announced.

Special Event: December 16 -– Rise to the Future Awards … AND … National Hydrologist & Soil Scientist Awards. Wednesday evening at the Ritz Carlton.

Visitor Recommendation: Get the kids out of school early (hey, be honest -– so many classes are coasting this time of year anticipating winter break), and make it a family vacation. Torment your kids (in a good way) with 'home schooling' at the Smithsonian, Ford's Theatre, “History on Foot” walking tours, Spy Museum, US Treasury, Bureau of Engraving & Printing (watch money get made!), Holocaust Museum, Kennedy Center, visit your congressional representative (Yes – you can) and eat some freedom fries …and of course the Forest Service museum (not as big as the Smithsonian, granted, but still worth a whirl.) Other cool things to do:

Submitted By: Steve Phillips, USFS/WO/WFW (a few editorial comments by the editor)

2009 Sportfishing Summit
Dates: October 27 -– 29, 2009
Location: San Diego, California
Facility: Rancho Bernardo Inn
Description: The Sportfishing Summit is the American Sportfishing Association’s (ASA) premier networking and business management event. The Summit will focus on the domestic and international economic markets, fisheries resource management and the political forces impacting the industry. The Summit brings together the association’s Board of Directors, committees, members and guests - from manufacturers to state and federal government to media – to discuss a wide-range of issues and events that affect the future of the industry.

Contact: Jill Calabria,

Submitted By: Dave Schmid, USFS/WO/WFW

TES– - Threatened and Endangered Species

NatureServe Conference -– Save the Date/Call for Presentations
Abstracts DUE: Now being accepted - cutoff date unknown
Theme: Biodoversity without Boundries
Conference Dates: April 26 – 30, 2010
Location: Austin, TX
The Conference " ... will explore the issues and solutions to these and related conservation needs on several fronts: the science behind the pressing problems, the information and expertise needed to direct decisions, the tools and methods for setting priorities and tracking progress, and the lessons learned from conservation success, collaboration, and leadership approaches. We invite proposals for presentations, workshops, symposia and posters. Symposia planned to date include:

Big Landscapes, Bold Solutions: Explore landscape approaches such as corridors and connected habitats, the efforts underway across the hemisphere, and what more is needed.

Renewable Energy and Biodiversity: Explore the implications of wind, water, biofuels, and biomass energy development, and associated impacts on conservation and food needs across jurisdictions.

Plants, Pollinators, Phenology: Take a look at the current state of knowledge of changing phenology in relation to climate change and impacts on plants and pollinators, and explore potential solutions.

The United Nations has declared 2010 the International Year of Biodiversity in order to 'showcase the contribution of research to the understanding of biodiversity and to policies and management practices that help to stop its loss.'"

Presentation proposals will be accepted until October 6, 2009.
Submit your presentation topic for consideration!
More Information - PDF

Submitted By: Marc Bosch, USFS/WO/WFW


AWRA Spring Specialty Conference – Call for Abstracts
Abstracts DUE: October 9, 2009 –- submit online ($25 processing fee)
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Water Resources VI
American Water Resources Association (AWRA)
Theme: Community, Conservation, Connections

Conference Dates: March 29 – 31, 2010
Location: Orland, Florida
Facility: Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel
Submit Abstracts
Both the breadth and depth of GIS application areas in water resources and the number and variety of GIS software tools to support such efforts have expanded dramatically in recent years. AWRA's sixth conference on GIS & Water Resources will include presentations and topics on a number of exciting new developments and research findings at the intersection of GIS and water resources engineering and sciences. The organizing Committee invites you to share your experiences and knowledge with an oral presentation or a poster at the conference and in a virtual gallery in the conference proceedings.
Plenary Speaker: Jack Dangermond, ESRI Founder

Submitted By: Jean Thomas, USFS/WO/WFW


AFWA Annual Meeting -– Austin, Texas
Dates: September 13 –- 16, 2009
Location: Austin, Texas
Facillity: Hyatt Regency
Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (AFWA) – Annual Meeting. “It’s Clean, But is It Green? How Compatible is Renewable Energy Development and Fish and Wildlife Management?” – Plenary Session. Guest Speakers: Tom Strickland, Jack Hunt and T. Boone Pickens. Special Sessions include “Workplace Diversity: A Matter of Agency Survival”, “Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment Workshop”, and Committee Meetings.

Invitation: GetWild! Partners Meeting, September 14, 2009
Hosted by USDA Forest Service Leadership (Anne Zimmermann, National Director WFWARP)
Big Bend AB Room, Hyatt Regency
1:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Contact: Gene DeGayner, edegayner"at", 202-205-1281
No need to RSVP –just show up.
The agenda is still in development and we welcome your input! Potential topics include white-nose syndrome, energy development and roadless. Please send any additional topics you would like to see addressed to Cheryl Carrothers or Gene Degayner, National Wildlife Program Leader: ccarrothers"at" or edegayner"at"

Submitted By: Cheryl Carrothers, USFS/WO/WFW –- on detail

The Wildlife Society -– Annual Conference
Dates: September 20 –- 24, 2009
Location: Monterey, California
TWS (The Wildlife Society) will donate $5 of each conference registration to The Watsonville Wetlands Watch for a carbon offset program.

Invitation: Friends of the Berryman Institute Reception; Monday, September 21, 2009
7:00 pm to 9:30 pm
De Anza I, Portola Plaza Hotel
The reception is an associated meeting of The Wildlife Society Annual Conference. The Berryman Institute invites meeting participants to join them for food and fellowship. This gathering is an opportunity for friends of the institute to network and share their experiences and for newcomers to learn about the Berryman Institute’s mission and prospects for participation in the institute. In addition, the Berryman Institute Awards will be presented at the reception. It is a casual event, so feel free to drop in, even if you can stay only a short while. In addition, one of the goals of this gathering is to introduce new people to the Berryman Institute, so please share this message with other interested parties. It is not necessary to RSVP.

Berryman Institute

Submitted By: Jina Mariani, USFS/WO/WFW

Watchable Wildlife Conference –- Early Registration
Early Registration ends September 15, 2009
Conference Dates: October 6 – 8, 2009
Location: Avalon/Cape May, New Jersey
Unsolicited commentary: “WWI remains a key partner of our NatureWatch Program. This conference traditionally sets the bar for excellence by providing the latest information, economics, and technology on Wildlife Viewing and Nature-based Tourism - all brought to you from some of the finest people in the field. Directors, Biologists/Botanists, Staff Officers, Line Officers, Recreation/Interpretation specialists, CE specialists, are welcome and encouraged to attend. I cannot stress enough that this conference will bring to light the importance watching wildlife and nature-based tourism, and its impact on local economies, the level of awareness for our natural resources, and "getting kids in the woods - a national priority of the Forest Service."

Please make arrangements to attend, or make arrangements to send employees you supervise to this important conference.

Submitted By: Don Virgovic, USFS/WO & R6/WFW

10th National Wild Turkey Symposium -– Call for Papers
Abstracts DUE: October 15, 2009
Manuscripts DUE: January 10, 2009
Symposium Dates: December 6 – 10, 2010 (mark your calendar – it’s a year away)
Refer to the “call for papers” section of the Symposium website
Facility Information
Contact: Gary Norman, 540-248-9389 or
Hosted by the WV Division of Natural Resources and the VA Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.

Submitted By: Ted Schenck, USFS/WO & R8/WFW – “Making Tracks” Coordinator


General/Cross Areas

The Natural Resource Distance Learning Consortium – Fall 2009
NRDLC (Natural Resource Distance Learning Consortium) includes natural resource programs from 10 accredited universities across the U.S. NRDLC offers individual courses, professional certificates of study and graduate professional degree programs. Courses are offered on-line and on-site.

Contact: Kieran J. Lindsey, PhD,

More Information:

NRDLC website
NRDLC list of courses

Submitted By: Shelly Witt, USFS/WO/WFW

TES - Threatened and Endangered Species

Article: Dixon, Kingsley W. Pollination and Restoration
Science 31 July 2009: Vol. 325. no. 5940, pp. 571 - 573
Abstract: Pollination services underpin sustainability of restored ecosystems. Yet, outside of agri-environments, effective restoration of pollinator services in ecological restoration has received little attention. This deficiency in the knowledge needed to restore pollinator capability represents a major liability in restoration programs, particularly in regions where specialist invertebrate and vertebrate pollinators exist, such as global biodiversity hotspots. When compounded with the likely negative impacts of climate change on pollination services, the need to understand and manage pollinator services in restoration becomes paramount.

Available through DigiTop for USDA employees.

Submitted By: David Pivorunas, USFS/WO/WFW


California Riparian Restoration Handbook – 2nd Edition 2009
Publisher: River Partners/California Riparian Habitat Joint Venture
One of the target groups for the Riparian Restoration Handbook are private landowners; feel free to get this information out to your local community.

Excerpt from the Handbook Introduction: "The handbook should be used for planning projects, creating budgets, and assessing restoration success. One aim is to provide a common language for riparian restoration, appropriate planning of projects and effective restoration on the ground. Ecological, biological, and regulatory components of a riparian restoration project are described. Additional resources of riparian restoration project support are provided including web-links and reference articles. Case studies of statewide riparian restoration projects that faced site specific conditions illustrate implementation of the principles presented in this handbook. This will be a living document that will be revised to include new information as it becomes available. This second version was revised in June 2009 (the first edition was completed in September 2008).

This handbook emphasizes the ecological river processes operating on floodplains and in river channels that create characteristic vegetation structure that forms wildlife habitat - as the foundation for planning a riparian restoration project. The goal of these guidelines is to explain the proposal/planning process for a site-specific riparian restoration project for wildlife habitat to the first-time as well as the experienced restoration project manager."

Download Handbook: PDF 3.05 MB/83 pages

Submitted By: Cheryl Carrothers, USFS/R5/EM

Buffelgrass – Invasive Species: Video
LandScope360: July-August 2009 by NatureServe & National Geographic
Newsletter with multiple articles of interest.
Excerpt: “Dense stands of invasive buffelgrass line southern Arizona's metropolitan streets and hillsides. Filmmaker Mark Betancourt documents not only this highly combustible threat but also the will local residents are showing in facing down the danger it poses to the Sonoran Desert’s natural and human communities.” Not to be confused with “Buffalo Grass”…?
Also read about: Fragmentation, Connectivity & Corridors; Map – Critical Watersheds for Freshwater Species

Submitted By: Jina Mariani, USFS/WO/WFW

Book: From Boys to Men of Heart – Hunting as Rite of Passage
Author: Randall Eaton
340-page book; Hunter’s world from a philosophical, cultural and spiritual perspective.
More Information:
Pre-order and save 20% (pre-order before October 1, 2009); $19.95 + S&H + Sales Tax
OWLink Media (for ordering and description)

Submitted By: Gene DeGayner, USFS/WO/WFW


WFWARP Continuing Education Program

2010 WFWARP Continuing Education Training Available!
2010 WFWARP Continuing Education workshops are open for registration!
You can register in AgLearn. Shelly Witt, Program Leader, will help you get registered in AgLearn – email or call her if you want help.

Detailed workshop information is available at our WFWARP-CE website. The official WO and RO “call” letters are “out”. Hard copy brochures are in the mail to past participants (going back to 2006), Line Officers and Research Stations.
If you want to receive a hard copy of the 2010 WFWARP-CE brochure, contact Shelly Witt.


Policy & Legal Aspects of Endangered Species Management” – November 2-5, 2009. In the world of training, this workshop is “just around the corner”. Don’t put off registering if possible.
Contact: Shelly Witt, 435-881-4203 or

Submitted By: Shelly Witt, USFS/WO/WFW


Read success stories at our USFS Success Story Reporting System. Have a USFS Success? Share it through the USFS Success Story Reporting System.

USFS Success Story Reporting System - NOW ON WWW!
Subscribe to the Success Story Reporting System

Region 5

Los Padres NF - Answer the Call Project Featured by Field & Stream
The Day Fire Reforestation project received $15,000 from Quail Unlimited’s (QU) 2008 Answer the Call (ATC) - Upland Habitats Partnership grant. Earlier this year the ATC committee approved an additional $12,500 for the next phase. That funding is in the NFWF application that is in the works right now.

Learn more about this partnership through video. The videos do a great job of honoring Quail Unlimited and Derek Fong, one of our premier partners, in Region 5. These video clips reach out to a unique audience to educate and inform them on fire recovery and habitat restoration issues taking place within the Day Fire burned areas on the Los Padres NF. A terrific quote taken from the clips regarding habitat restoration of burned habitats was "one tree at a time, one forest at a time", which brings home the message that one person can make a difference. See Derek Fong, Santa Clarita Valley QU, talking about this project. Derek is one of six national nominees for the Field & Stream Heroes of Conservation Award.

Videos - Episodes #1 and #2

Submitted By: Cheryl Carrothers, USFS/R5/EM – on detail with WO/WFW

Region 6

Hutton Scholar on the Willamette NF
Featured in August FS TODAY – national agency newsletter
Willamette NF participated in the Hutton Scholarship program. The Forest Service has supported this program for decades. Congratulations to Darren Cross, Detroit RD Fish Biologist, for going to the effort to participate in the Hutton Scholarship program and mentoring Georgia Downey. “Applause” to Darren’s supervisor and leadership for supporting Darren’s efforts and the Hutton Program.
Excerpt: “Georgia Downey, a Hutton scholar and participant in the 2009 Hutton Junior Fisheries Biology Program, is gaining valuable hands-on experience at the Willamette National Forest’s Detroit Ranger District. She is working with the aquatics crew on pre-project monitoring and design, stream surveys, temperature monitoring, and Respect the River riparian restoration. …”
American Fisheries Society - Hutton Program

Submitted By: Steve Phillips, USFS/WO/WFW


How to Start a Wildfire – Not a Good Idea
Excerpt from Aspen Times, August 6, 2009
Full Article Link
Excerpt: “SNOWMASS CANYON — Embers flying from a smoking barbecue grill in the back of a pickup truck may be to blame for Wednesday afternoon's fire along Highway 82 in Snowmass Canyon, authorities believe. …”

Submitted By: Jean Thomas, USFS/WO/WFW

Random Tid Bit: Recycle Video Tape - Earth 911
“Making Every Day Earth DayTM” is a recycling database. You can find over 100,000 recycling locations across the country. Step 1. Enter the item you have for recycling and your location. Step 2. will show you the closest place to take your stuff. Step 3. Take it to the recycling location. Feel great about yourself! Who knew you could recycle videos?

Submitted By: Jean Thomas, USFS/WO/WFW

“What If…?”: FS Buildings Using Shipping Containers
Starting Rumors. Editorial Musing.
Consider this “Value-Cycling™” concept – building with old shipping containers. “What if” … our future Forest offices, District offices, campground restrooms (?), Regional offices, visitor centers … were cranked up a notch being built out of old shipping containers? Along with composting toilets (not new territory for us), solar panels, trombe walls, rainwater collection (though illegal in some states), tower wind turbines on roofs and all the other great things the agency is doing. Ok, we aren’t doing all those things … yet …

Submitted By: Shelly Witt, USFS/WO/WFW [Editor de jour]


Federal job announcements can be found at:
NOTE: For Outreach Notices, the process of applying will take place on the AVUE Digital Services website: http://www.avuedigital By setting up your profile in AVUE Digital Services and marking interested vacancies, you should receive an email when the announcement is actually posted. The purposes of Outreach Notices are to determine the potential applicant pool for this position and to establish the appropriate recruitment method and area of consideration for the advertisement (e.g., target grade or multi-grade and service-wide, region-wide, government-wide, or DEMO). Responses received from outreach notices are relied upon to make determinations.


Outreach: Natural Resource Program Manager –- WO-Office of the NFS Deputy Chief
DUE: October 30, 2009
GS: 14/15-301Location: USDA, Forest Service, Washington DC, Yates Federal Building

Description: Program Manager for Natural Resource Manager (NRM) application. The NRM application is national in scope and includes the Infra, TIM/FACTS and NRIS application modules. This position is responsible for overall NRM program management including; 1) information and database management, 2) managing the NRM budget, 3) managing a governance program, 4) establishing and maintaining agency and inter-agency agreements, 5) applications development, operation and maintenance, 6) managing IT technical resources and infrastructure, and 7) application security. The incumbent reports to the NFS Deputy Area Resource Information Manager (RIM).
Contact: Tom Bobbe, 801-975-3464,

Region 1

Outreach: Wildlife Biologist –- Clearwater NF
DUE: Open
GS: 11-486
Location: Orofino Idaho
Description: Works on teams for projects on both the North Fork and Palouse Districts. The districts are considerably different with a variety of projects including vegetative/watershed restoration, WUI fuels, landscape scale prescribed burns, and recreation/trails.
More information
Contact: Doug Gober, 208-476-8223,

Editorial Note: Kudos to the Clearwater for posting the details on a webpage along with the outreach form. It simplifies forwarding information.

Region 2

Outreach: Zone Wildlife Biologist -– Bighorn NF/Medicine Wheel-Paintrock RD
DUE: Open
GS: 9-486
Location: Lovell, WY

  • Assisting two District Rangers (Powder River and Medicine Wheel/Paintrock) in addressing and solving issues related to wildlife.
  • Providing leadership for the districts wildlife program.
  • Providing advice and expertise related to the Endangered Species Act compliance.
  • Coordination with other agencies and partners regarding wildlife programs and projects.
  • Assisting with accomplishing, monitoring, and reporting the current year's wildlife program of work.
  • Developing next years, and beyond, wildlife program of work.

Contact: Beth Bischoll or Dave Sisk, 307-548-6541. Contact for Outreach form.

Region 3

Outreach: TES Assistant Wildlife Biologist –- Southwestern RO
DUE: Apply now
GS: 12-486
Location: Albuquerque, NM
Description: Assists in managing the program for Threatened, Endangered, and Sensitive species (TES), and is responsible for providing regional leadership, coordination, planning, and implementation of this program. The incumbent receives direct supervision from the TES Program Manager. Duties include assisting the Program Manager in coordinating all aspects of the TES Program. The incumbent will provide technical advice and assistance in the implementation and evaluation of TES wildlife programs and projects and will conduct reviews of resource management plans, programs, and projects to ensure that environmental/biological assessments and other similar documents are in compliance with policy, regulation, and law. The incumbent will prepare and/or direct the preparation and revision of TES species plans, biological assessments, reports, and correspondence for the Region under the National Forest Management Act, the Endangered Species Act and other Forest Service policy and direction. The incumbent also participates on or leads interdisciplinary teams to design and implement species habitat management plans and studies, evaluate proposals and provides technical guidance and assistance in planning projects, giving full consideration to the effects on the TES species found in the Region.
Contact: Bobbi Barrera at 505-842-3194, Contact for Outreach form.

NOTE: This position will be advertised shortly. Check frequently USAJobs.

Outreach: Project Implementation Team leader –- R3; 4-Forest Restoration Initiative
DUE: Unknown
[NOTE: Being re-advertised]
GS: 12/13-301
Location: Coconino NF, Flagstaff AZ
Description: The 4 Forest Restoration Initiative is filling 4 project implementation team members, including the Project Implementation Team Leader. The four northern Arizona Forests, the Coconino, Kaibab, Apache-Sitgreaves and Tonto, are developing the project team to carry out a phase of the Initiative which is intended to implement accelerated large-scale forest restoration. This small interdisciplinary team will guide the planning necessary to implement the Restoration Initiative in full collaboration with interested stakeholders. Looking for someone with collaboration skills, able to think on their feet, innovative and who loves a challenge.

The team is supervised by the GS-13 Project Team Leader, and will include a Fire Ecologist, Wildlife Biologist, Silviculturist and a Presidential Management Fellow. The team will be headquartered at the Coconino National Forest Supervisor’s Office in Flagstaff, AZ although some of the team members may work virtually.
Contact: Joe Stringer,, 928-527-3456. Contact for Outreach form.

Outreach: District Ranger -– Kiowa/Rita Blanca NG
DUE: September 20, 2009
GS: 12-304
Location: Cibola NF&G, Kiawa-Rita Blanca NG, Clayton, New Mexico
Description: Contrary to the widely held Forest Service myth, National Grasslands are NOT sleepy little places. Cibola NF&G is looking for an individual who can handle working in 3 states across 2 time zones and 5 different counties. This position will deal with an extensive number of Native American Tribes, state agencies, partner organizations and variety of publics. The major program area is Range Management, with companion programs in fuels treatments, fire, recreation, and wildlife habitat management.
Contact: Nancy Rose, 505-346-3804,

Region 5

R5 Outreach Notifications -– Online

Outreach: Ecosystem Services Leader/State & Private –- Pacific Southwest Region Office
DUE: September 30, 2009
GS: 401-14
Location: Regional Office - Vallejo, California
Description: The incumbent serves as the Region\'s technical expert responsible for leadership in developing ecosystem services and related ecological restoration and climate change policies, direction, strategies, and goals, through collaboration with the national forests in R5, Regional Biomass Coordinators, the Pacific Southwest Research Station, the Agency’s national office, state governments in R5, and others. Responsibilities also include coordination of ecosystem services and related actions across landscapes and ownerships; serving as an interface between the National Forest System, State and Private Forestry, and Research; monitoring and evaluating implementation strategies; engaging in policy and strategy development service-wide; and in liaison with the USDA Office of Ecosystem Services and Emerging Markets.

R5 Outreach - Online: Outreach Application available at this site.
When the outreach notice expires, you must access USAJOBS, for all vacancy announcement information.

Contact: Laurie Tippin, Director S&PF; 707-562-8920;

Outreach: Supervisory Biological Scientist/VUFF –- Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit
DUE: September 15, 2009
GS: 13-401
Location: Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit - South Lake Tahoe, California
Description: Serves as a principal assistant to the Forest Supervisor. The incumbent serves as the Staff Officer responsible for performing professional and administrative duties in the planning and direction of the Forest Vegetation Management, Urban Lot Management, and Aviation and Fire Management programs. Serves as Acting FS, as assigned, with full responsibility for coordinating and directing the activities of the Unit. Performs as a member of the Units top management team, which includes the FS and Staff Officers.
Contact: Eli Ilano - Deputy Forest Supervisor; 530-543-2640; Contact for Outreach form.

Outreach: Career Intern Program (CIP)/Wildlife Biologist -– Plumas NF
DUE: September 3, 2009
GS: 9-486 ($46,625 to $60,612); 2 year full-time basis with the potential of becoming a permanent position.
Location: Plumas NF/Beckwourth RD – Blairsden, CA
Description: The intern will work under a formal training plan; receiving training and developing to perform as a professional wildlife biologist. Training designed to prepare the candidate to perform duties associated with program management and planning for the wildlife program on the Beckwourth Ranger District. Wildlife responsibilities include management and planning for the execution and implementation of habitat improvement projects, sensitive species surveys and studies in the field of wildlife management. Duties associated with the position include implementation of on-the-ground wildlife habitat improvement projects, field surveys, ID team participation for timber, fuels, range, watershed and recreation projects, and writing of wildlife reports that include biological assessments, evaluations, migratory birds and management indicator species.

Application: Applicants must submit: resume, complete unofficial transcript of all college work, Career Intern Application. The CIP application is available at Send completed application package to Those wishing to be considered for this position should submit their information through the process indicated above by the closing date of this Outreach Notice.
Contact: Beckwourth RD, 530-836-2575
USDA Career Intern Program Information

Outreach: Soil Scientist –- Stanislaus NF/Groveland RD
DUE: September 14, 2009
GS: 7/9-470
Location: Groveland, California
Description: Prepares reports on conventional classification and mapping operations. Prepares reports containing soil performance predictions for requesters\' use. Prepares field notes concerning mapping problems. Makes standard interpretations by applying and adapting prescribed guidelines. Assists in the planning and conduct of detailed soil surveys, irrigation suitability surveys, and other conventional small studies or parts of broad ones, including field and laboratory investigations. Uses established USDA FS protocol to review, analyze, and recommend modifications to routine projects or portions of complex plans. Develops and analyzes data and prepares reports relating to the responsiveness of implementation plans for state, local, and/or federal environmental protection programs.
Contact: Ken Romberger, 209-962-7825 x529,

Outreach: Interdisciplinary GIS Program Manager -– Pacific Southwest Region
DUE: September 4, 2009
GS: 12/13-401/1301
Location: Regional Office - Vallejo, California
Description: The position is located in the Resource Information Organization of the Pacific Southwest Region and serves as the senior technical expert and program manager for Geospatial information and tools. The incumbent has responsibility for providing regional leadership and policy direction for the implementation and use of the Forest Service corporate GIS system and for coordination of the use of that system and its outputs at all levels of the agency and with cooperators. The Incumbent assists the WO in the development of national standards for management and operations of the National GIS system and spatial databases, coordinates the operation and maintenance of the regions GIS program, including setting and monitoring quality standards and is the primary contact in the region for sharing resource data with other Federal, State and local agencies. This position also provides expert analysis and advice on complex programs related to geospatial analysis issues or problems where new analytical techniques must be developed to identify and evaluate findings.
Contact: Jayne Handley, 707-562-9019,
More information: Outreach Notice

Outreach: Vegetation Inventory, Monitoring & Mapping –- Pacific Southwest Region
DUE: September 4, 2009
GS: 13-401
Location: Regional Office - Vallejo, California
Description: The primary function of this position is to serve as the subject matter expert and program manager for vegetation inventory, monitoring and mapping for the pacific southwest region. The position has been moved from the planning staff to the information management staff.
Contact: Jayne Handley, 707-562-9019,
More information: Outreach Notice

Details: Wildlife Biologist & Front Desk -– Eldorado NF/Pacific RD
DUE: September 15, 2009 -– submit resume
GS: Wildlife Biologist 11-486;Front Desk (GS 5)
Location: Pacific RD – Pollock Pines, California
Contact: Charis Parker, 530-647-5430,

Region 6

Outreach: Deputy Forest Supervisor -– Willamette NF
DUE: September 3, 2009
GS: 14-340
Location: Springfield, Oregon
Description: Seeking individual, who has excellent interpersonal skills, is a “team player”, and a leader who brings people together to accomplish common goals. The primary duties and responsibilities include:

  • Responsible for all management and transactions affecting the Forest.
  • Serves as primary representative and contact for external relationships with elected officials, communities, tribes and other agencies.
  • Represents the forest as a vital member of the Regional Leadership Team.
  • Exercises final commitment authority to make administrative and/or technical decisions on all Forest matters, as needed.
  • Responsible for providing administrative and/or technical direction to all activities on the Forest.
  • Provides leadership, allocates resources, and implements activities to accomplish Forest Service multi-cultural organization direction.
  • Creates a work environment which respects, appreciates, and accepts the contributions and perspectives of all employees and partners.

Contact: Lenise Lago, 503-808-2200. Contact for Outreach form.
Vacancy announcement, when open, available at USAJOBS website.

Outreach: Forest Supervisor –- Siuslaw NF
DUE: September 3, 2009
GS: 14-340
Location: Corvallis, Oregon
Description: Seeking individual, who has excellent interpersonal skills, is a “team player”, and a leader who brings people together to accomplish common goals. The primary duties and responsibilities include:

  • Responsible for all management and transactions affecting the Forest.
  • Serves as primary representative and contact for external relationships with elected officials, communities, tribes and other agencies.
  • Represents the forest as a vital member of the Regional Leadership Team.
  • Exercises final commitment authority to make administrative and/or technical decisions on all Forest matters, as needed.
  • Responsible for providing administrative and/or technical direction to all activities on the Forest.
  • Provides leadership, allocates resources, and implements activities to accomplish Forest Service multi-cultural organization direction.
  • Creates a work environment which respects, appreciates, and accepts the contributions and perspectives of all employees and partners.

Contact: Lenise Lago, 503-808-2200. Contact for Outreach form.
Vacancy announcement, when open, available at USAJOBS website.

[NOTE: This description is the same as given for the Willamette NF, Deputy Forest Supervisor.]

Region 10

Outreach: Wildlife Ecologist -– Tongass/Chugach NF & Alaska RO
DUE: September 14, 2009
GS: 13-486
Location: Juneau or Anchorage, AK
Description: This shared position serves high-priority needs of the Tongass and Chugach National Forests and the Alaska Regional Office. The selected individual will be the Alaska Region’s expert in the scientific principles, practices, and technologies relating to applied wildlife ecology. S/he will be involved in the development, testing, and application of wildlife habitat models; lead the design of inventory and monitoring plans; refine methods for viable population analyses; and provide expertise and advice for interdisciplinary teams and inter-agency committees. S/he provides direct support to the Chugach and Tongass Forest Supervisors and the Alaska Regional Forester in matters concerning the ecology, management, and conservation of wildlife species and terrestrial habitats.

Contact: Tricia O’Connor, 907-789-6245, Contact for Outreach form.


Vacancy Announcement: Midwest Pollinator Outreach Coordinator - Xerces Society
DUE: September 4, 2009
Salary: $32,000 - $38,000
Location: Minneapolis, MN - but for the right candidate, open to the position being in other major cities in the upper Midwest.
More information:
Description: This is a regional level position that will require considerable travel throughout the Midwest (and will often require more than 40 hours a week due to travel). Strong outreach skills are needed as the ideal candidate will coordinate logistics for workshops and provide training to Natural Resource Conservation Service staff, other agricultural professionals and land managers. The position will also include writing educational materials, conducting literature research, and coordinating with academic scientists. Under the direction of the National Pollinator Outreach Coordinator, the Midwest Pollinator Outreach Coordinator will work to provide resources and training to agricultural professionals across the Midwest on pollinator habitat management, creation, restoration, and enhancement. The Outreach Coordinator will also build the general public’s awareness of the importance of native pollinators to agricultural sustainability and wildlife conservation.
Contact: Suzanne Granahan, The Xerces Society,

Vacancy Announcement: Temporary Fisheries Technician – Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
DUE: Now? (no date given in flyer)
Salary: $10.99/hour
Location: Price, Utah
Description: Assist in efforts to preserve and enhance state listed sensitive fish, reptiles, and amphibians. Specific tasks include assisting with native fish and amphibian surveys, research and restoration projects and general maintenance. This job will require extensive work in the field, sometimes in inclement weather, heavy lifting, and camping. Preference will be given to applicants with a background or interest in fisheries or conservation. Experience working with electrical systems and electronics will be beneficial.
Contact: Kenny Briedinger, 435-613-3722,

Vacancy Announcement: Fish & Wildlife Biologist –- Fish & Wildlife Service/Alaska
DUE: August 26, 2009, but it may be extended.
GS: 11/12-401
Location: Fairbanks, AK
Description: The biologist works within the Endangered Species Program, contributing to the conservation of Steller’s and spectacled eiders and polar bears. The primary responsibility is conducting section 7 consultations on Federally funded or permitted projects that may affect listed eiders or polar bears. Other responsibilities may include leading the development and implementation of a conservation plan that manages village and industrial growth in a manner that considers habitat needs of Steller’s eiders, and there may be opportunities to assist with eider field studies in remote areas of Alaska. The position requires skilled written and oral communication, an aptitude for critical thinking, and experience evaluating biological information. Preference is given to individuals with experience evaluating impacts and with strong analytical skills.
Application: USAJOBS and search on the announcement numbers above or the zip code (99701) or job title. One permanent position is being filled under two currently open job announcements. Job announcement number R7-09-273762-KD is open to all U.S. citizens. Job announcement number R7-09-273758-KD is open to current Federal employees.

Contact: Ted Swem, 907-456-0441

Vacancy Announcement: Fish & Wildlife Biologist - Fish & Wildlife Service/New Mexico
DUE: September 14, 2009
GS: 12-401
Location: New Mexico Ecological Services Field Office, Albuquerque, NM
Description: Unavailable
Contact: Wally “J” Murphy, 505-761-4781
More Information:
USAJobs - R2-09-281188-RP [NOTE: This link isn't functional]

Vacancy Announcement: BLM Climate Change Coordinator –- WO
DUE: September 4, 2009
GS: 13/14-401
Location: Washington, DC
Description: New position of Climate Change Coordinator. The coordinator works for the Assistant Director - Renewable Resources and Planning and is responsible for coordination of climate change for the BLM. This is a great opportunity, and is a high visibility position that will work closely with the Department and other agencies. The position is located in beautiful downtown Washington D.C.
Contact: Shanina McRae, 202-452-5072,
More Information: USAJobs

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