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Welcome to the Forest Service - Watershed, Fish, Wildlife, Air & Rare Plants program web site. We cover a wide variety of topics and we are located across the nation. Our staff provides support and coordination to the public and the agency regions, forests and districts.

This web site will give you a taste of our diversity and is designed for our various customers. We laid things out by topic with multiple paths to each topic.

If you want to understand our administrative layout select the "staff" link on the left hand navigations. The search engine takes you through the whole agency, not just our staff pages. If you want to find specific staffs, you need to add the word "staff" to the search. Or try "advanced" searches once you have done your initial search. You are also welcome to contact any of our staff or web site administrator directly.

Our official staff acronym is WFW. You may also see WFWARP on some of our pages or in communication with staff members.

Hot Topics
Directives Announced

  • Best Management Practices: Forest Service proposes amending the internal Manual for Water Quality Management and establishing a National Best Management Practices (BMP) Handbook. These proposed changes to agency directives would enhance the Forest Service's ability to protect water quality on NFS lands.

Videos - Front Seats to Nature @ your Forest

  • USDA & Coca Cola Water Stewardship Partnership
    The U.S. Department of Agriculture and Coca-Cola are partnering to sustain our nation's water supply. Through a public-private partnership, they are working together with other organizations to restore and protect damaged watersheds in the National Forest System. Chris Savage explains.

  • Salmon Cam: Back in action. Check out the mature sockeye (and other species) swim around in the stream. Live feed camera from Steep Creek, Juneau, Alaska. Remember, it is Live ... and it does occasionally get dark at night in Alaska. If the video is "black", the camera might not be broken; it might be night.

    30 seconds of a bear catching salmon filmed underwater by the FS Steep Creek Salmon Cam!

  • "Water Safety on the White Mountain National Forest": focuses on water safety but also illustrates the value of water.

  • "Water Life: Episode 1 - Mountain Whitefish; Ghosts of Glenwood Canyon". No FS Connection
    "...Mountain Whitefish (Prosopium williamsoni) are a forgotten fish in many western waters, yet embody the very power and purity that mountain rivers symbolize. Peer through the bubbles to appreciate these masters of whitewater. Water Life is a series of short portraits on freshwater species, ecosystems, and issues ..."
    [Jeremy Monroe of Freshwaters Illustrated]

  • "Restoring Hope": focuses on work being accomplished in the Jackknife watershed/Caribou-Targhee NF (SE Idaho). Jackknife is a priority watersheds. The video keeps a general perspective of the ongoing efforts across the forest with Trout Unlimited and other partners.

  • "Water & Wood": Wood in streams. " ... features Forest Service biologist, Kate Meyer, and highlights a partnership between the Willamette NF and the McKenzie River Watershed Council to improve habitat for aquatic life, specifically the federally listed Willamette Spring Chinook Salmon. They have also included a tribute to Forest Service visionary, Jim Sedell, who many of you will recognize as a key player in the early science exploring the role of wood in streams, not to mention many other big contributions (Northwest Forest Plan, River Continuum Concept)."
    [Jeremy Monroe of Freshwaters Illustrated]

  • "Weeks Act": Legislation that works. John Wingate Weeks. 1911.
    Entertaining and good learning. Navigate the rivers. Trees.
    [Marek Bennett/Creater]

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