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Fish & Aquatic Ecology Unit

Staff of the USFS Fish & Aquatic Ecology Unit and
the Aquatic Monitoring Center

Utah State University at Logan, Utah
Contact information can be found on an individual's profile page (select a linked name below) or at the US Forest Service Electronic Directory

Brett Roper, PhD
Acting National Aquatic Ecologist, Aquatic Monitoring Center - Inventory & Monitoring (USFS)

Shelly Witt 
National Continuing Education Program Leader for Watershed, Fish, Wildlife, Air and Rare Plants (USFS)

Scott Miller
Lab Director, National Aquatic Monitoring Center; Associate Aquatic Ecologist (BLM)
Associated through Utah State University

PIBO Program: Pacific Fish & Inland Fish Biological Opinions

Eric K. Archer
Program Leader; Aquatic Ecologist (USFS)

Jeff Ojala
Aquatic Ecology IT Specialist (USFS)

Rebecca A. Scully
Field Coordinator (USFS)

Christy Meredith
Analyst; Fish Biologist (USFS)

Lev Babich
Biological Science Technician (USFS)

Andrew Van Wagenen
Field Supervisor (USFS)

Lindsey Goss
Biological Science Technician (USFS)

Postal Addresses:  

Aquatic Monitoring Center
Forestry Sciences Lab
USDA Forest Service
860 North 1200 East
Logan UT 84321  

Fish & Aquatic Ecology Unit (USFS)
Watershed Sciences Department - College of Natural Resources
5210 Old Main Hill, NR 210
Utah State University Logan UT 84322-5210

Regional Aquatic Ecologists Around the Nation


Phone Number


Names are linked to the US Forest Service Electronic Mail Search

Cam Thomas


Region 1: Northern US

Dave S. Winters


Region 2: Rocky Mountain US

Ron Maes


Region 3: South West US

Cynthia K. Tait


Region 4: Intermountain US

Joseph Furnish


Region 5: Pacific Southwest US

Deborah Konnoff


Region 6: Pacific Northwest US

Kevin Leftwich


Region 8: South East US

Nick Schmal


Region 9: North Central US

Don Martin


Region 10: Alaska US



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Title: Forest Service Fish and Aquatic Ecology Unit
Author: Dr. Brett Roper, National Fish and Aquatic Ecology Unit

Email: broper"at"
Phone: 435-755-3566

860 North 1200 East Logan UT 84321
Expires: none