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Fish & Aquatic Ecology Unit

Brett Roper, PhD

Aquatic Monitoring Center - Program Leader


US Forest Service
Forest Sciences Laboratory
Fish & Aquatic Ecology Unit
860 North 1200 East
Logan UT, 84321
Phone: 435-755-3566; Fax: 435-755-3563
Email: broper"at"





Fisheries Management
University of Idaho, Moscow ID

Fall 1995

Dissertation Title:

Ecology of anadromous salmonids within the Upper South Umpqua River Basin, Oregon.


Forest Resource Management
Utah State University, Logan UT

Spring 1989

Thesis Title:

Career development of experienced wildlife/fisheries managers in the Forest Service.


Environmental Studies
Utah State University, Logan UT

Winter 1986





National Aquatic Monitoring Program Leader

April 2001 to present

USFS Washington Office - National Service Center, Logan, UT

Adjunct Assistant Professor

June 2002 to present

Utah State University, Logan, UT

Acting Regional Fisheries Biologist

Nov 2000 - Jan 2000


Northern Region, Missoula MT

Acting District Ranger

June 2000 - Oct 2000


Idaho Panhandle National Forest, Bonners Ferry ID


Forest Fisheries Biologist

Feb 1997 - April 2001


Idaho Panhandle National Forest, Coeur d'Alene ID


District Fisheries Biologist

Sept 1994 - Jan 1997


Umpqua National Forest, Tiller OR


Research Assistant

Jan 1991 - Aug 1994


University of Idaho, Moscow ID.


Research Assistant

Feb 1990 - May 1990


American International Development, Antigua Guatemala






Fisheries Management

Spring 2003-2007

Utah State University

Applications of Statistics to Fisheries Problems

Spring 1994


University of Idaho


Advanced Fish Management

Spring 1994


University of Idaho








Articles available on FAEU Publications or DigiTop (for USDA Employees)

Roper, Brett B, Beau Jarvis, Jeffrey L. Kershner. 2007. The Role of Natural Vegetative Disturbance in Determining

Stream Reach Characteristics in Central Idaho and Western Montana. Northwest Science, Vol. 81, No. 3, 2007.

Hudy, Mark, Brett B. Roper, Nathaniel Gillespie. 2007. Large Scale Assessments: Lessons Learned for Native Trout

Management. Proceedings of Wild Trout 9, West Yellowstone, MT October 2007.

Olsen, D.S., B.B. Roper, J.L. Kershner, R. Henderson, and E. Archer. 2005. Sources Of Variability In Conducting Pebble Counts:

Their Potential Influence On The Results Of Stream Monitoring Programs. Journal of The American Water Resources Association: 41(5):1225-1236.

Kruzic, L.M., D.L. Scarnecchia, and B.B. Roper. 2005. Effects of electroshocking on macroinvertebrate drift in three cold water

streams. Hydrobiologica 539:57-67.

Kershner, J.L., B.B. Roper, N. Bouwes, and R.C. Henderson, E. Archer. 2004. An analysis of stream habitat conditions in

reference and managed watersheds on some federal lands within the Columbia River Basin. North American Journal of Fisheries Management 24:1363-1375.

Roper, B.B., J.L. Kershner, and R.C. Henderson. 2003. The value of using permanent sites when evaluating stream attributes at

the reach scale. Journal of Freshwater Ecology 18:585-592.

Roper, B.B., J.L. Kershner, E Archer, R. Henderson, and N. Bouwes. 2002. An evaluation of physical stream habitat attributes

used to monitor streams. Journal of the American Water Resources Association 38:1637-1646.

Roper, B.B. and D.L. Scarnecchia. 2001. Pattern of vertebrate diversity, density, and biomass among ten small streams in the


South Umpqua River Basin, Oregon. Northwest Science 168-175.

Kruzic,L.M., D.L. Scarnecchia, and B.B. Roper. 2001. Comparison of midsummer survival and growth of age-0 hatchery


coho salmon held in pools and riffles. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 130:147-154.

Scarnecchia, D.L. and B.B. Roper. 2000. Large-scale, differential summer habitat use of three


anadromous salmonids in a large river basin in Oregon, USA. Fisheries Management and Ecology 7:1-13.

Roper, B.B., and D.L. Scarnecchia. 2000. Key strategies for estimating populations sizes of emigrating


salmon smolts with a single trap. Rivers 7:77-88.

Roper, B.B., and D.L. Scarnecchia. 1999. Emigration of age-0 chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus


tshawytscha) smolts from the upper South Umpqua River basin OR. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 56:939-946.

Roper, B.B., D. Konnoff, D. Heller, and K. Wieman. 1998. Durability of Pacific Northwest structures


following floods. North American Journal of Fisheries Management 18:686-693.

Ratner, S., R. Landee, and B.B. Roper . 1997. Population viability analysis of spring chinook salmon in


the South Umpqua River, Oregon. Conservation Biology 11:879-889

Roper, B.B, J.J. Dose, and J.E. Williams. 1997. Stream restoration: is fisheries biology enough? Fisheries



Roper, B.B. and D.L. Scarnecchia. 1996. A comparison of trap efficiencies for wild and hatchery age-0


chinook salmon. North American Journal of Fisheries Management 16:214-217.

Roper, B.B. and D.L. Scarnecchia. 1995. Observer variability in classifying habitat types in stream


surveys. North American Journal of Fisheries Management. 15:49-53.

Dose, J.J and B.B. Roper. 1994. Long-term changes in low-flow channel widths within the South


Umpqua Watershed, Oregon. Water Resources Bulletin 30:993-1000.

Roper, B.B., D.L. Scarnecchia, and T.J. La Marr. 1994. Summer Distribution of and habitat use by


chinook salmon and steelhead within a major basin of the South Umpqua River, Oregon. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 123:298-308.

J.J. Kennedy and B.B. Roper. 1990. The role of mentoring in early career development of Forest


Service Fisheries Biologist. Fisheries 15(3)9-13.


  • University of Idaho Mid-Career Alumni Achievement Award 2005
  • Idaho American Fisheries Society President 2002


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Title: Forest Service Fish and Aquatic Ecology Unit
Author: Dr. Brett Roper, National Fish and Aquatic Ecology Unit

Email: broper"at"
Phone: 435-755-3566

860 North 1200 East Logan UT 84321
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