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Fish & Aquatic Ecology Unit

Currents Technical Bulletin

Download complete copies of Currents for reading at your convenience. Choose from the list below.

The files are in the pdf format. You can read the Currents files with Acrobat Reader. If you need the free Acrobat Reader visit the Adobe Acrobat Reader website.

Number One
Stream Habitat Classification and Inventory Procedures for Northern California.

Number Two
General Aquatic Resources Monitoring.

Number Three
Seasonal Utilization of Instream Boulder Structures by Anadromous Salmonids in Hurdygurdy Creek, California.

Number Four
Monitoring Frogs and Toads on Region 5 National Forests.

Number Five
Informal Reports on Projects throughout California.

Number Six
Fine Sediment in Pools: an index of how sediment is affecting a stream channel.

Number Seven
Comparison of Habitat Use and Availability for Juvenile Fall Chinook Salmon in A Tributary of the Smith River, CA

Number Eight
Use of Basin Survey Data in Habitat Modelling and Cumulative Watershed Effects Analyses

Number Nine
Current Currents - Informal Reports on Projects throughout California.

Number Ten
Direct Observations of Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass in Response to Various Brush Structure Designs in Ruth Resevoir, California.

Number 11
A Technique for Moving Existing Fish Habitat Data Sets Into The Spatial Environment of a Vector Geographic Information System

Number 12
Fishing Economics on the Tule River Ranger District

Number 13
Annual Accomplishment Report - 1992

Number 14
Consideration of Extinction Risks for Salmonids

Number 15
Standpipe to Determine Permeability, Dissolved Oxygen, and Vertical Particle Size Distribution in Salmonid Spawning Gravels

Number 16
Annual Accomplishment Report - 1993

Number 17
Fish Habitat Attributes of Reference and Managed Watersheds with Special Reference to the Location of Bull Charr (Salvelinus confluentus) Spawning Sites in the Upper Spokane River Ecosystem, Northern Idaho

Number 18
Resident Trout and Movement: Consequences of a New Paradigm

Number 19
Annual Accomplishment Report - 1994

Number 20
Abundance and Function of Large Woody Debris in Central Sierra Nevada Streams

Number 21
Evaluating the Long-Term Consequences of Forest Management and Stream Cleaning on Coarse Woody Debris in Small Riparian Systems of the Central Rocky Mountains

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