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Career Information

Continuing Education for Natural Resource Professionals

Natural Resource Policy, Values and Economics (NRPVE)

wildlife management sign with horse, higher and biker icons infront of hunter icon.  Interesting juxtaposition.  Or possibly a subliminal expression of values, economics and future policy?Objectives & Description:

  • describe factors involved in policy-making and describe basic policy-making models;

  • explain the basic roles of economics in natural resource, ecosystem service, and outdoor recreation management; demonstrate comprehension and appreciation of human value systems underlying policy-making and economics;

  • demonstrate skills in interpreting and applying human dimensions data to natural resource policy and management including National Visitor Use Monitoring (NVUM)recreation visitation, visitor spending, preferences data and Renewable Resources Planning Act (RPA) economic values data.

Discussion is strongly related to activities on National Forests via case study and interactive exercises. Obviously one week won't make you an economist or policy analysit - but it will help you in understanding and dealing with economic and political influences in natural resource management. And understanding economics, politics and policy will slide into "VALUES".

How do you 'value' the soil under a building...before and after it is washed away?
How do you 'value' a potential landslide and human life ... or closing a road?
Purification of air and water - what is the value?
How do we adapt our management for global warming? ECOSYSTEM SERVICES

Questions posed more frequently today by our agency, litigants and landholding neighbors. You will learn how to determine 'value' and ask good economic/policy/value questions -- to yourself and to people with their set 'values'. Humans try and substitute these 'ecosystem services' at high expense and not doing it nearly as well as nature.

Join the discussion - delve into other areas you may not have previously considered; explore some options and actions.

Recommended for Line Officers and decision makers.

Annually alternating Hosts between Portland State University (Portland OR), University of Georgia (Athens GA) and Colorado State University (CSU).


Vendor Website - Get current status


2015 TBD

Portland State University hosts in partnership with Colorado State University and University of Georgia-Athens.

Registration Status: "Request" in AgLearn

When registering in AgLearn look for the "View Course Dates" in the specific workshop block in your search results. Select/click "View Course Dates" - on that new page is the "Register" button.

AgLearn Keywords: Use one or two of the key words below. We recommend using the Advanced Search option.
2600 policy values economics

Registering in AgLearn

Tuition: $1500
(does NOT include lodging and most meals; DOES include continental breakfasts. UGA includes a "full" sit down lunch; PSU does not include lunch.)

Payment - PSU: 3 options

  • credit card - Call Christine Hanosly @ PSU [Preferred Forest Service option]
  • check (made out to PSU Center for Public Service)
  • direct deposit - Venor will send DUNS/Tax ID information for paying through ASC under "Misc. Payment/Individual".

Dropping from the Workshop: Tuition is 'low' for this workshop consequently there is not much leeway on letting people drop. If you are registered, check with us first, just in case we have a waiting list. If there is not a waiting list, you will need to find a substitute or pay fixed costs. The budget has been set and spent based on current confirmation. Thank you for your understanding and consideration.

First Contact:

Portland State University
Administration: Christine Hanolsy

Portland State University
Center for Public Service
Mark O. Hatfield School of Government
PO Box 751
Portland OR 97207-0751

Colorado State University
Dr. John Loomis

Colorado State University
Department of Agriculture and Resource Economics
Clark B-320
Fort Collins, CO 80523

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Forest Service Continuing Education for Natural Resource Professionals
Author: Shelly Witt, National Continuing Education Coordinator,
WFW staff
Phone: 435-881-4203
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