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Career Information

Continuing Education for Natural Resource Professionals

GIS and Remote Sensing Workshops (GIS)

Due to the increasing number of GIS & Remote Sensing training opportunities on the open market, our program no longer supports a workshop developed specifically for natural resource professionals. However, in an effort to help you locate GIS & Remote Sensing training that meets your needs we have collected the following information. If you know of other quality GIS & Remote Sensing training please let us know.

NOTE: Most of the vendors teach GIS using ESRI software. Do you know that ESRI offers training as well ? Check out what they have to offer. They have experience teaching Forest Service people and are competitively priced.

Government Vendors

Bureau of Land Management // Fish and Wildlife Service - USDI
Example Titles:

  • GIS Introduction
  • GIS Overview for Natural Resource Conservation
  • GIS Design for Aquatic Resource Management
  • GIS Design for Aquatic Resource Management (Intermediate)
  • GIS Project Design II: Data Analysis and Model Building

Website: or
Both sites can route you to the DOI LEARN (USDI) training site:

Forest Service - USDA
Geospatial Service & Technology Center (GSTC)
Training & Technology Awareness
Dates: (check GSTC web site)
Tuition: (check GSTC web site)
Contact: Bill Silva, Training Unit Leader
Email: billsilva"at"
Postal Address: 2222 West 2300 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84119
Forest Service Geospatial Training Intranet: available to USDA Forest Service employees - FREE to Federal employees
Geospatial - Geotraining; Developed jointly by the Remote Sensing Applications Center (RSAC) and the Geospatial Service and Technology Center (GSTC) - centralizing geospatial courses and information.
Telephone: 801-975-3804

Forest Service - USDA
Remote Sensing Applications Center (RSAC)
Dates: (check RSAC web site)
Tuition: (check RSAC web site)
Contact: Haans Fisk
Email: hfisk"at"
Postal Address: 2222 West 2300 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84119
Forest Service RSAC Training Intranet: available to USDA Forest Service employees - FREE to Federal employees
Telephone: 801-975-3760

Conservation and Research Center, National Zoological Park and Smithsonian

Smithsonian Professional Training Workshop Information

Website: GIS Training Program

  • Introduction to GIS & Remote Sensing
  • Advanced Conservation GIS
  • GIS for Policy- and Decision-makers in Conservation

Location: Conservation & Research Center
1500 Remount Road
Front Royal, VA

University / Institution Vendors

Automated Geographic Reference Center (AGRC) - State Agencies
Run by the Department of Administrative Services, Division of Information Technology Services. Most states have an AGRC staff, but not all. Visit the page hosted by ESRI to find out the current status.


University of California - Davis
GIS for Resource Managers and Professionals (one of many courses)
(Sidebar choice of "Program Areas">Discipline Tree, select "Land Use and Natural Resources">GIS)
Dates: Varied - contact UC Davis
Tuition: $480.00 (with discounts for groups or society memberships)
Contact: Linda K. Vance, Director of Biological Sciences Program
Telephone: 530-754-6487
Courses only listed for 4 months into the future. Updated frequently. Email Linda for courses not listed. UC Davis does contract courses for groups of 12 or more with specific training objectives - they will develop training that tailor fits.


The University of Montana
GIS & Remote Sensing: Applications for Fisheries and Wildlife
Dates: Check their web site for dates
Tuition: $390.00
Contact: Joan Brehm
Telephone: 406-243-6098
Other workshops under development include: Advanced GIS (Summer)


Oregon State University
GIS/GPS Fundamentals for Natural Resource Planning
Dates: Check their web site for dates
Tuition: $395 (does not include lodging and meals)
Contact: Forestry Conference Office
Telephone: 541-737-2329

South Carolina:

Clemson University
Practical Implementation of GIS in Natural Resources
Dates: Check their web site for dates
Location: Clemson, South Carolina
Sponsored by: Forest Resources Systems Institute (FORS)
Telephone: 864-656-7723


Utah State University
Introduction to ARCView (ESRI software)
Customized courses available upon request.
Dates: Frequent (check their web site)
Tuition: (check their web site)
Contact: Bonnie Banner
Telephone: 435-797-2589

Utah State University: Department of Forest, Range and Wildlife Sciences


Virginia Polytech Institute & State University - College of Natural Resources
Conservation Management Institute
GIS for Natural Resource Professionals
Dates: Customized in-house training on request
Tuition: Contact VPI (dependent on travel)
Contact: Andrew Rosenberger, Research Associate
Telephone: 540-231-7348


University of Washington
Introduction to GIS for Natural Resource Professionals
Dates: (check their web site)
Tuition: (check their web site)
Contact: College of Forest Resources
Telephone: 206-543-0867

Industry Vendors

AllPoints GIS Inc.
Dates: Flexible. We work with you to meet your schedule.
Duration: 1 to 3 day classes
Tuition: Contact AllPoints GIS Inc. for current pricing.
Contact: Deb Grieco
Telephone: 303.458.6866
Postal Address: Allpoints GIS, PO 12214, Denver CO., 80212
Location: Training conducted at your facility or at a nearby facility.
Benefits: AllPoints GIS Inc. specializes in environments where land use planning, resource development and environmental protection combine in increasingly complex scenarios. This includes working with scientists and specialists, where GIS adds a second, third, or even fourth technical language. Courses feature data, exercises, and scenarios geared to students environment - specific groups, disciplines, and workflows. Participant's data and workflows can be incorporated. "Live" modular delivery.

Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI)
ESRI Virtual Campus - Online self-paced training Tuition: Free to $20 each

ARC/INFO workshop (established)
Tuition: $1,750
Duration: 5 days

ARC/INFO workshop (Client Site: tailored)
Tuition: $2,600 to $3,000*
Days: Up to you. *$3,000 per day for up to 12 people. Simple math - $250 per day.
Benefits: Specifically designed to meet your needs, working on your system, and potentially no travel or per diem. Apparently ESRI gives special rates to Federal agencies, so your costs may be less. Region 6 has hosted numerous classes through this option, and have found them to be worthwhile. Contact ESRI through their Web Site for further information.

Kessler GIS
Custom classes (Basic ArcGIS, Geodatabase I & II, ArcGIS Spatial Analyst, etc); ESRI Authorized Classes
Visit the Kessler GIS website for a complete listing

Duration: Classes range from 1 to 3 days
Dates: Variable, depending on course and number of students. See web site for details.
Tuition: On-site $4400 per class (8-12 students). Adjustments can be made for fewer or greater student numbers.
Contact: Bruce Kessler
Telephone: 509-685-0386 (office)
509-675-0493 (cell & vm)
Location: Workshops hosted at your unit or other training facility.
Postal Address: Kessler GIS, 745 B Hall Road, Colville, WA 99114
Benefits: Courses developed in conjunction with USFS personnel and data. Exercises tailored to typical USFS and natural resource activities. Mr. Kessler has been teaching to the USFS since 1989. Ad-hoc classroom environment can be provided as well. If you have any special educational need, adaptations can be made. Kessler GIS can provide computers and software as necessary and can assist with the paperwork.

Juniper GIS
Custom classes in ArcGIS, ArcEditor, Geodatabases, Spatial Analyst and more; plus ESRI Authorized classes.
Duration: One to three-day classes
Dates: Flexible; scheduled to meet client needs.
Tuition: On-site classes are $2,250 per day for up to 12 students.
Contact: Patti Bailey or John Schaeffer
Email: or
Telephone: 541-389-6225
Location: Workshops hosted at your offices.
Postal address: 61677 Thunder Road, Bend, OR 97702
Benefits: Cost includes use of our laptop computer lab with one computer per student. Custom courses have been developed using natural resource data from the USFS and USFWS, based on real projects. John Schaeffer, our lead instructor, has been using and teaching GIS for 14 years to a wide range of federal, state, and local natural resource agencies. Authorized instructor for ESRI-authorized classes, Introduction to ArcGIS I & II.

If you decide to host a class at your unit (regardless of the vendor), but need a few more participants to share the cost, please contact either your regional CE-WFWARP coordinator or the national CE-WFWARP coordinator and we will be happy to lend a hand networking.

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Forest Service Continuing Education for Natural Resource Professionals
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