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Career Information

Continuing Education for Natural Resource Professionals

Workshop Calendar

Program Leadership

February 25 - March 6, 2014
Leadership and Communications (LAC)
McMullin Training and Consultating

April 1 - 4, 2014
Leadership and Communications: Advanced (LAC/A)
McMullin Training and Consulting

TBD 2015
Natural Resource Policy, Values, and Economics (NRPVE)
Portland State University (PSU) - with University of Georgia (UG-Athens) & Colorado State University (CSU)

MAKE AN OFFER for 2015!; Request in AgLearn to receive any updates
Program Management (PMB)
Utah State University
Program Management - Round II (PMBII)
Utah State University

Technical Leadership


TBA (FY15)
Endangered Species Act: A Practical Primer for Decision makers, Biologists and Staff Specialists (ESA)
Lewis and Clark College

May, June, September 2014 (FY14)
Environmental Negotiation (NEG-101)
Nelson Facilitation, LLC

TBD - Webinar (FY14)
Plain & Simple! Document Writing (PSDW)
Dr. Jud Monroe, Environmental Planning & Documentation LLC

November 4 - 7, 2014 (plus April 2014/webinars & online segments) ... NEW
Tools for Evaluating Populations and Habitats (TEPH)
Northern Arizona University

April 21 - 25, 2014
Water Resource Management for Line Officers
USDA Forest Service - National Stream & Aquatic Ecology Center collaborating with Regions

TBD 2015; Request in AgLearn for FY15
Foundations of Ecological Monitoring in a Management Context (FEMMC)
Sound Science LLC

Other dates to be announced throughout the year - ask or check back
R - Data Analysis (RDA)
USDA Forest Service - National Stream & Aquatic Ecology Center - Distance Learning delivery


August 4 - 8, 2014
Innovative Approaches to Wildlife and Highway Interactions (IAWHI)
USDA Forest Service

GIS and Remote Sensing (GIS)
There are a number of vendor options available for this type of training. Check the GIS web site for the options we know about.

Request in AgLearn - ON DEMAND
Planning for Environmentally-Sensitive Highway Projects (EcoHWY)
USDA Forest Service and USDI Fish & Wildlife Service/NCTC


Aquatic Ecosystem Monitoring and Evaluation - Western (NR16)
USDA Forest Service - PNW Aquatic Training Program

May 12 - 16, 2014; Register in AgLearn -- ALTERNATE YEARS FROM NR16
Stream and Watershed Restoration Design and Implementation (NR20)
USDA Forest Service - PNW Aquatic Training Program

February 24 - 28, 2014
April 7 - 11, 2014
May 5 - 9, 2014

Request in AgLearn and Coordinate with your Regional Fish/Hydrology/Engineers staff
Designing for Aquatic Organism Passage at Road-Stream Crossings (AOP)
USDA Forest Service - National Stream & Aquatic Ecology Center collaborating with Regions

Request in AgLearn - ON DEMAND
Aquatic Monitoring - Eastern (AM)
USDA Forest Service - Fish & Aquatic Ecology Unit: On Demand. Call vendor to schedule a workshop where you want it when you want it. Eastern version of NR16.

Request in AgLearn - ON DEMAND
Advanced Concepts in Aquatic Ecosystem Analysis (ACAEA)
USDA Forest Service - USDA Forest Service - National Stream & Aquatic Ecology Center: Distance Learning delivery

Workshops on Demand

Dr. Brett Roper (USDA Forest Service and Utah State University Department of Aquatic, Watershed and Earth Resources) offers assorted aquatic workshop topics "on demand". He will work with you on hosting aquatic workshops in your area. Generally there is a 10 to 15 participant minimum. Invite natural resource professionals from your area other federal agencies, tribal organizations, state, city, private, international and companies. You work with Brett to develop a curriculum to best meet your needs.

Contact: Dr. Brett Roper, 435-755-3566 or

Current options include:

  • Basin Surveys & Applications (including inventories)
  • Aquatic Monitoring - Eastern
  • Sampling Amphibians - Objective: explain and demonstrate sampling methods for a variety of amphibians and associated habitats.
  • Data Analysis using ExcelTM - Objectives: design Pivot Tables; use ANOVA and Regression Analysis; interpret data.

Dr. Steve McMullin (McMulling Training and Consulting) and other instructors from the popular Leadership and Communications (LAC) workshop will bring any piece of LAC to your district or forest. This is a cost-effective way to provide high-quality training to your employees. This includes Myers-Briggs psychological type as a basic building block for interpersonal communication and team building. Other workshops can include leadership and management, conflict resolution, working effectively with the media, and effective writing and speaking for natural resource professionals. The Advanced LAC workshop is modified to incorporate follow-up coaching. This will allow the vendor to work with each participant to ensure that he/she gets the most out of the feedback from the instruments and incorporates that feedback into a personal development plan. It is important for participants in this workshop to come into it with a working knowledge of Myers-Briggs (it was designed as a follow-up to the regular LAC workshop).

The workshops on demand are also relatively new. As budgets tightened and travel becomes more restricted, Dr. McMullin is offering more training on districts and forests. The workshops on demand can be tailored to your needs and address any topic covered in the 2-week LAC workshop. To be most cost-effective, the workshops usually are 1.5 to 2 days long. Myers-Briggs is a popular topic of the workshops thus far, usually combined with team building or conflict resolution/dealing with difficult people. Dr. McMullin has done these workshops for Forest Leadership Teams, Districts, and for several combined Districts. This approach is very cost-effective, because Dr. McMullin can provide 2 days of high-quality training to 40 or more people for about the same cost as sending 4 people to the LAC workshop in a different location. Contact the vendor for examples, evaluations and references.

Contact: Dr. Steve McMullin, 540-818-1670,

Sandra Jacobson and Terry Brennan offer "Planning for Environmentally-Sensitive Highway Projects.
Objective: streamline and improve delivery of an environmentally-sensitive highway project using the context-sensitive planning approach in an interdisciplinary and interagency planning team. Instructors are an interdisciplinary team (transportation ecology specialists: wildlife biologists, engineers, hydrologists, soil scientists, botanists, and recreation planners). Target audience: interagency, interdisciplinary team and line officers working together on a multi-year project including highway project planning. Topics include agency differences in NEPA, time lines, funding mechanisms and policy. Course structure might allow some disciplines to participate for less than the entire week.

Current options include:

“REQUEST” in AgLearn.

Formerly Hosted Workshops

If demand increases, we will seek out vendors offering these types of training. Request in AgLearn or with WFW Continuing Education Program Leader.

Managing Forested Ecosystems (MFE)

Watershed Restoration (WR)

Vegetation Monitoring in a Management Context (VM)
The Nature Conservancy/University of Florida

Landscape Ecology (LE)

Advanced Concepts in Aquatic Ecosystem Analysis (ACAEA)

Policy and Legal Aspects of Ecosystem Management (PLA)


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