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Continuing Education for Natural Resource Professionals

Predicting Bedload Transport in Gravel-bed Streams:
Computation and Field Techniques (Bedload)

Photograph: 2 people working with a bedload trap.

Illustration: Helley-Smith bedload sampler. USFS Stream Team.

Photograph: 2 people using a bedload sampler.

Hosted in coordination with the
University of Colorado,
Johns Hopkins University,
Colorado State University,
USFS Stream Team

Objectives & Description:

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to...

  • Concepts:
  • understand the fundamentals of sediment transport modeling with special emphasis on gravel-bed streams;
  • explain sources of error in making transport estimates;
  • understand the data needed and evaluate the different options available for making transport estimates based on objectives and data availability.
  • Computations:
  • learn to use the BAGS (Bedload Assessment for Gravel-bed Streams) software that includes six bedload transport equations;
  • understand how to select an appropriate model and how to evaluate the reasonableness of outputs.
  • Field Techniques:
  • learn how to collect field data needed to run bedload equations;
  • gain an improved understanding of bedload samplers, including bedload traps and Helley-Smith samplers.

This course is a combination of lectures, computer labs, and field demonstrations.

(Text by J. Potyondy)

Target Audience:
Resource management professionals, especially hydrologists and engineers.

Tuition: Free (does NOT include travel, lodging and meals).

  • Instruction
  • Materials



Registration Status:

On Demand - Request in AgLearn



Agenda & Workshop/Registration Info

Registration: Forest Service employees "Request" in AgLearn. Everyone else please contact Dan Cenderelli.

AgLearn Keywords: fs wo 2500 bedload predicting hydrology

Finding in AgLearn

Dropping from the Workshop: Tuition is low for this workshop consequently there is not much leeway on letting people drop. If you are registered, check with us first, just in case we have a waiting list. If there is not a waiting list, you will need to find a substitute or pay fixed costs. The budget has been set and spent based on current confirmation. Thank you for your understanding and consideration.

Dan Cenderelli, USDA Forest Service, Stream Systems Technology Center

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Forest Service Continuing Education for Natural Resource Professionals
Author: Shelly Witt, National Continuing Education Coordinator,
WFW staff
Phone: 435-881-4203
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