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Continuing Education for Natural Resource Professionals

Workshop Agenda for:

Advanced Concepts in Aquatic Ecosystems (ACAEA)


On Demand


US Forest Service - National Stream & Aquatic Ecology Center


Distance Learning - Webinar/Online/Email

Workshop Home | Welcome & Workshop Info

Now "On Demand". Email Brett Roper or Shelly Witt to schedule.

Welcome to the Advanced Concepts in Aquatic Ecosystem Analysis workshop!

What is this workshop all about?

Objectives are to:

  • explain and discuss the aquatic biologist's role in the watershed/ecosystem analysis process;
    explain current climate change information to aquatic systems and management decisions
  • apply specific analysis methods relating to current issues.

Target audience is journey-level fish biologists and aquatic ecologists.

There is significant work involved in this workshop. This is an interactive, participant dependent process.

Pre-Readings: Will be sent to registered participants and listed here once determined.

Example Readings...

Millare, Constance, et al. 2007. Climate Change and Forests of the Future: Managing in the Face of Uncertainty. Ecological Applications, 17(8): 2154-2151

Ficke, Ashley D., et al. 2007. Potential Impacts of Global Climate Change on Freshwater Fisheries. Rev. Fish Biol Fisheries, 17: 581-613

Kimbell, Abigail R., et al. 2009. Using Forestry to Secure America's Water Supply. Journal of Forestry, April/May, Discussion

Parmesan, Camille. 2006. Ecological and Evolutionary Responses to Recent Climate Change. Annu. Rev. Ecol. Evol. Syst., 37: 637 - 669

Paying Tuition: Tuition is free. Yes, FREE.

AgLearn Keywords: wo 2600 advanced aquatic ecosystem analysis
Registering in AgLearn

Dropping from the Workshop: Pretty simple -- remove yourself in AgLearn or contact Shelly Witt (switt01"@"

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Forest Service Continuing Education for Natural Resource Professionals
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WFW staff
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