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Continuing Education for Natural Resource Professionals

Registering In AgLearn

USDA Employees can register through AgLearn.

If you work for a Region that offers CE-WFWARP tuition funding you probably want to talk with your Regional Coordinator before registering through AgLearn. If you are unit funded we encourage you to forge ahead.

You must REGISTER in AgLearn and fill out the SF182. Registering and filling out the SF182 are 2 different actions. Filling out the SF182 does NOT automatically register you for training. Registering/Requesting in AgLearn doesn't automatically fill out your SF182. AgLearn isn't that sophiticated yet. AgLearn login page provides "tools" for using AgLearn.

The following steps should make finding CE-WFW workshops in AgLearn a snap. If it is not a snap, contact the CE-WFWARP National Program Leader (


Tip #1: USDA/FS
If you work for the Forest Service, you also work for the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). The Forest Service is one of many agencies making up the Department of Agriculture. If this is news to you, we recommend you attend our Natural Resource Policy, Values & Economics workshop or our Program Management workshop.

Tip #2: List Email & Supervisor in Profile
Be sure your email and supervisor are correctly listed in your AgLearn profile (Log in, at your profile "home" page click on your name/image at the top of the page in the green header bar). Otherwise you will miss out on important email notifications. Read the AgLearn "Getting Started Guide" - well worth the few minutes of reading. Other good resources are the AgLearn "New Resources" and "Latest Resources" listed on the Login page - especially AgLearn+ Introduction, AgLearn+ Individual Development Plan

Tip #3: Access
If you cannot access AgLearn you probably need to fix your eAuthentication account. eAuthentication is not part of AgLearn. It is a firewall to a number of USDA online programs. It is important to have your eAuthentication squared away.

We are seeing a number of people thinking they are “registered” in AgLearn when they are not. Listing a training event in your AgLearn “To-Do” does not necessarily get you registered.

Contact Shelly Witt if you need help (435-881-4203).

Below is step by step information on using AgLearn.

Registering in AgLearn:

Log into AgLearn (obviously) |||

Having a training listed in the "To-Do" list is not the same as listing training on your IDP. IDP (Individual Development Plan) is more official - agreement between you and your supervisor for planning purposes. If you are registered you will received an AgLearn auto email REGISTRATION notification (saying you are officially confirmed and registered). If you don't get an email like that then you are not registered or there is a glitch in the system.

To "register" for a scheduled event (e.g., dates are set for a training) - Use the "Browse" search function located above the "Easy Links" on the right hand side of the home page. Use words in the desired training topic or key words (see our workshop pages).

In your search results, the block/cell for the training has "View Course Dates" if a course has dates scheduled. If available, select/click on "View Course Dates". The new page will show the button to "Register". You can also mouse over the block/cell of the specific course and the option to 'Request Schedule' or 'Register' will appear.

"Requesting" Training:
If an Item (a.k.a. training, workshop, course) is listed in AgLearn but is not scheduled (e.g., no dates set for hosting), people can "Request Schedule". That means you are requesting that the specific item be scheduled/hosted. Your name is added to a "request" list. You are NOT committed to anything by doing this. It helps me (and others administering training) know the degree of interest for specific training. "Request Schedule" does NOT mean you are requesting AgLearn to email you the training's "schedule" or agenda.

Checking if you are registered:
Check the "To-Do" list on your Profile home page. You can sort it ("Show") for "Registrations". The default sort is "Everything".

Tip #4: Filling Out Your SF182 in AgLearn
It is mandatory to fill out your SF182 in AgLearn. There are a number of good reasons why - official commitment from your supervisr, and the administrative reporting side of things. Save an e-signed copy in your Personnel file - computers and databases are fabulous but they do crash. Or save electronic backup file.

SF182 information for every training highlighted in the CE-WFWARP program is now posted on our SharePoint site (internal). Contact the E-WFWARP Program Leader for the URL. AgLearn has instruction "tools" walking you through the SF182 process. If current information isn't listed for the training you are attending, contact the CE-WFWARP Program Leader. Everyone does SF182s - even Line Officers.

Whether to fill out the SF182 first and then REGISTER or vice versa is up to you. HR recommends SF182 first. Be sure you have supervisor support and funding before commiting to a vendor.

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Forest Service Continuing Education for Natural Resource Professionals
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WFW staff
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