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Water Testing


As of January 2012, the following prices apply to different types of water testing. Reliability of data, strict adherence to QA/QC protocols, and prompt service are the primary goals of the Air Program Laboratory.

Total Water Analysis: Filtering, Anions, Cations, pH, ANC and Conductivity*
pH, ANC and Conductivity
Anions: Filtering, F, Cl, NO3, PO4, SO4
Cations: Filtering, Na, NH4, K, Mg, Ca
Turbidity and Sedimentation
Sediment Transport (sieving/ashing)
Passive Ozone Badge Analysis (includes cost of badges)
Water Replicates - up to 30% of regular samples & replicates**
Water Replicates - beyond 30% of regular samples & replicates*
Water Field Blanks (not recommended unless you are field filtering)*

Please Note:

  • Although our lab does not perform heavy metals analyses in-house, we commonly ship samples to appropriate laboratories as an added service upon request after we complete the water analyses. Costs will be determined at time of request.
  • *Water analysis includes lab filtering, processing and sampling supplies. Clients will be sent clean sample bottles, coolers, and icepacks for sample shipping.
  • **30% of replicate samples are provided at no charge (e.g., 7 lake samples, up to 3 duplicate samples included in cost; 3 = 30% of 10 total samples: 7 regular + 3 replicates).
  • There is an additional $20.00 charge per sample for field filtering supplies if required. This is not generally recommended.
  • Supplies will be shipped standard surface at no additional charge. Additional costs for express shipping will be charged to the client. Client pays for return shipping.

Learn about detection limits at the Air Program Laboratory.