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Joint Fire Science / Red Mountain Mastication Study

 a photo of the mastication equipment in operation   First Year
(Summer/Fall 2005)
  1. Set up experimental plots.
  2. Collected pre-treatment data.
  3. Implemented mastication treatments on experimental plots.
Second Year
(Summer/Fall 2006—Winter 2006/2007)
  1. Collected post-mastication data on masticated plots.
  2. Gathered fuel samples to aid in masticated fuel model definition.
Third Year
(Fall 2007)
  1. Completed prescribed fire treatments.
  2. Gathered fire behavior data.
Fourth Year
(Summer 2008—Winter 2008/2009)
  1. Collected final post-treatment data on all plots.
  2. Currently analyzing data and preparing reports and presentations.


Project Overview
Study Site Description
Map of Study Site
Project Objectives
Data Collected for Fuels and Tree Mortality
Data Collected for Fire Behavior
Prescribed Burn Treatment
What's Next?
Mastication Studies
Sequoia National Forest
Joint Fire Science Program


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