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Joint Fire Science / Red Mountain Mastication Study

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 photo of the Red Mountain plantation prior to mastication treatment showing a dense, nearly continuous tree canopy

Red Mountain is a 24-year-old ponderosa pine plantation, planted after a 2,500 acre 1970 wildfire. The study area is located at 5,200 to 6,600 feet in Greenhorn Ranger District of the Sequoia National Forest. The site is productive, with pines that are approximately 30 feet high and in some areas form a nearly continuous canopy. Oak, white fir, and incense cedar also grow in patches throughout the plantation. The mean annual precipitation in this area averaged 15 to 20 inches, falling primarily as rain, although snow can cover the upper parts for up to 4 months per year.


Project Overview
Study Site Description
Map of Study Site
Project Objectives
Data Collected for Fuels and Tree Mortality
Data Collected for Fire Behavior
Prescribed Burn Treatment
What's Next?
Mastication Studies
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