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Project Summary

  • Design and documentation of field sampling protocol to provide training and accuracy assessment data.
  • Compilation of raw and analyzed data into accessible databases (corporate as possible, such as NRIS TERRA) and associated data dictionary and maps of plot location.
  • Report of remote sensor project and accuracy in estimating crown fuel characteristics and associated peer-reviewed publications.
  • Principal investigators will make presentations at professional meetings and symposiums. This year, we presented a poster at the 8th biennial remote sensing applications conference of the US Forest Service in Albuquerque, New Mexico. A poster was also presented at the 2001 Fire Conference in San Diego, California. We anticipate providing similar presentations or posters each year during the project at at least one professional meeting or symposium.
  • Technology transfer will occur in a number of different ways and venues. First, the principal investigator (JoAnn Fites) is currently participating in many of the fuel modeling efforts on federal lands in California, such as the Sierra Nevada Framework EIS and monitoring teams, and the Southern California Ecological Unit Inventory. This will enable direct transfer of the findings and technology to current fire and fuel planning and evaluation efforts in California. We also include the USFS Region 5 Remote Sensing Laboratory personnel at our meetings, ensuring that any operational methods will be incorporated rapidly.
  • Written report and peer-reviewed publication on this work.


Project Summary
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