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Validation of Crown Fuel Amount and Configuration Measured by Multispectral Fusion of Remote Sensors

This project investigates the ability of multiple remote sensors in direct and indirect measurement of crown fuels across landscape and bioregion scales. The project will focus on three landscapes in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the more fire susceptible ecosystems, mixed conifer and ponderosa pine.

Current efforts to create consistent fuel and predicted fire behavior layers for the Sierra Nevada bioregion have created a need for consistent bioregional modeling and improved modeling of surface fuels. At the present time, the different subregions of the Sierra Nevada are mapped during different years and with different methodologies, contributing to inconsistent fuel mapping and fire behavior analysis. Further, there is uncertainty about the accuracy of predictions of crown fuels, namely crown bulk density and height to crown base based on indirect predictions.

The objective of this project is to develop a reliable, cost-effective process to evaluate and monitor fuels and potential fire behavior.

This project is funded by NASA (Forest Structure from Multispectral Fusion) and the Joint Fire Science Program.

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