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Fire Behavior Assessment Team
The Fire Behavior Assessment Team (FBAT) is a unique module that assesses fire behavior on wildfires, wildland fire use fires, and prescribed fires. We measure pre-fire fuels, fire behavior using sensors and video cameras, and post-fire conditions. We predict fire acceleration and potential arrival times in chimneys and canyons for egress and evacuation comparisons and safety zone locations.

"Viegas Acceleration Model (VAM) Application:   Improving situational awareness and safety in chimneys and canyons on fires"
(547kb, 4 pages, MS Word)

Training Module on Situational Awareness in Chimneys and Canyons:   Application of New Science (Viegas model)
(12MB, 13 slides, MS PowerPoint)
To request a DVD copy of
Extreme Fire Behavior in a Chimney — Black Mountain II, 2003

please send an e-mail to this address link with your name, position title, unit and complete address.

Or, send a written request to

Scott Dailey
Truckee Ranger District
9646 Donner pass Road
Truckee, CA   96161

 alternating images of a wildland fire and a high-intensity fire whorl
For more information on the Fire Behavior Assessment Team, recent fire incidents they have studied, and for information on how to contract with FBAT, visit the Fire Behavior Assessment Team webpage.

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