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Aspen Regeneration Survey Program for Windows

Wayne Shepperd,
US Forest Service
Rocky Mountain research Station
Fort Collins, CO

Dave Weixelman
Tahoe National Forest
Nevada City, CA

ASPEN.EXE is a windows-based executable program for PC's that will summarize regeneration survey data for aspen using the protocol by Wayne Shepperd, US Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station. This program will run on WINDOWS 95, 98, and 2000.

Download the file to your PC, find the file via your file browser, and then double click on the file. The installation will automatically start. Follow the instructions on the screen. When the installation is complete, click on Start, go to the Program menu, and click on RMRS Aspen Regeneration to start the program.

RMRS Aspen Regeneration Ver 2.exe (4.5 MB)

The summarized data can be viewed in the report window, printed, or saved to an output file you specify by clicking the appropriate tab in the report window. After viewing the report window, click the graph tab to view bar graphs of summarized data.

A spreadsheet output file is also available so data summaries can be manipulated for further for further analysis For example spreadsheet statistics can be applied to these columns to obtain variance, standard errors, etc of the sample.

We suggest creating a shortcut on the desktop to run the program. Once the data has been entered into an Excel spreadsheet, double click on the shortcut icon to run the program.

As with all freeware, this program and the data presented here come with absolutely no guarantee. We recommend checking the results of the first and last plots in a data file by hand to make sure everything worked correctly. We'll be happy to entertain questions and comments. Contact us at:



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