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Science Section

We support ecosystem management with current science and informed solutions to resource managers ranging from simple tasks to complex, controversial and seemingly intractable problems. We provide:

  • Fire ecology/forestry/fuels monitoring plan design and implementation
  • Analysis of fuels, ecological and fire behavior data
  • Predictive fire behavior modeling
  • Historical fire regime assessment
  • Fire behavior data (flame length, rate of spread, temperature) collection & analysis (on prescribed or wildland fires)
  • Fuels characterization
  • Fuel treatment effects and effectiveness
  • Literature reviews
  • GIS support to inform decision making
  • GIS map production for visualization and reporting
  • ArcPad customization to facilitate field data collection
  • Database design, review, and maintenance
  • Technology transfer through presentations, workshops, reports, articles and manuscripts
  • Training in fire ecology, fire effects and monitoring
  • Hazardous waste investigation & remediation support
  • CERCLA compliance technical assistance
  • Smoke modeling and impacts

We work at varied levels within the agency and with other government agencies, from the district to the Regional Office and multi-agency levels.






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