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Adaptive Management Services in Brief:
Information & Technology Support

AMSET offers a wide range of technology support including all aspects of web and GIS functions, and, alternative solutions for technology issues and dispersed work groups. We provide:

  • WWW/fsweb site maintenance & content management
  • Web programming
  • Web-based surveys & and summary of information collected
  • Small application development
  • GIS analysis and complete map products
  • Improving corporate data in GIS (SDE) and I-Web, specifically Heritage and NRIS data
  • Using the Geospatial Interface tools to analyze and summarize data
  • ArcPad development to create field data collection protocols that meet clients' needs

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Knowledge of FS web templates
  • PHP Programming
  • Communicating with teams to meet GIS needs
  • FS networking
  • Hardware support
  • ArcStudio to create custom ArcPad forms
  • Database design, support and management to meet clients' needs

We work at varied levels within the agency and with other government agencies, from the district to the Regional Office and multi-agency levels.





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