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Chris Clervi

GIS Specialist

    » Science Section

Phone:   (530) 414-3382




Chris started with the Forest Service in 1999 on the Los Padres National Forest. Working his way into the Forest Service from an independent contractor’s role, Chris built a biological dataset which incorporated everything from amphibians, reptiles, birds, large mammals, flora and fisheries. Eventually, he was part of biological assessment teams on the Los Padres. His responsibilities expanded where he worked with Range, Geology, HFRA projects, BEAR Teams and Incident Management Teams, (essentially, everything that came thru the Resources). At the time of his departure, Chris was responsible for the NRIS Fauna dataset as well as the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act mapping for the Southern California Province.
Chris eventually took the GIS Coordinators job on the Six Rivers National Forest. A new set of roles and responsibilities arose with this job. Data structure and new GIS technologies became the focus, such as the Motor Vehicle Use Mapping project, many new Timber and Fuels Treatment projects, Regional data calls to implement into SDE, FACTS and distribution of data to all SRF users.
Chris continues to support incident Management Teams at a regional and national level. Currently, he is the GIST on California Interagency Incident Management Team 4.

Areas of Expertise

  • All ESRI GIS programs
  • SDE
  • GIS Coordinators roles
  • Fire Mapping
  • BEAR Analysis


  • Bachelor of Arts, Geography, University California Santa Barbara
  •     Minor, Geology, University California Santa Barbara