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About Us

Who We Are:

 Adaptive Management Services team logo, of a tree We are an enterprise team with the US Forest Service Enterprise Program. While we are part of the USFS federal agency, we operate as a stand-alone business, fully accountable for covering all costs and with no set budget. We obtain our work by "contracting" and can work for any government agency, including other federal agencies, state, county and city governments. (We work for fire safe councils through a participating agency). Since we rely upon contracts for work and keeping ourselves employed, we work hard to please our customers!

Our team is comprised of scientists, resource managers, and administrative support staff with varied backgrounds including:   fire (behavior, management, ecology, monitoring), NEPA, wildlife, ecology, botany, forestry, special uses, geology, GIS, web programming, database programming and application development. We can prepare fire management plans, fire behavior assessments, NEPA documents (all or part), burn plans and monitor or conduct assessments or inventory vegetation, fire behavior, fuels, soils, geologic hazards, and ground water hazards. Our administrative support staff has varied expertise in areas from financial management, human resources, acquisitions/contracting and can provide assistance in utilizing new software or preparing submissions to ASC or summarizing data from ASC.

Our Mission:

Improve resource management decisions and public credibility by:

1) providing scientifically current and credible assessments, analysis, monitoring, inventory, and technology transfer to managers; and

2) serving as integrators of diverse resource and ecosystem problems such as fire and wildlife.

USDA Forest Service - Adaptive Management Services Enterprise Unit
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