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Adaptive Management Services Enterprise Team

(AMSET) supports ecosystem and fire management with current science and informed solutions to resource managers ranging from simple tasks to complex, controversial, and seemingly intractable problems.   AMSET also provides Administrative and Business support as well as Information and Technology solutions for interim, long-term or unanticipated needs. Visit the links below for more information regarding services and expertise we can provide to meet your needs.
NEW!   Evaluating Fuel Treatment Effectiveness

Planning Section
Fire & Fuels Management
Fire Behavior
Fire Research
Special Uses

Science Section
Fire Ecology
Fuels/Vegetation Monitoring
Vegetation Inventory
Fire/Fuels/Vegetation Analysis
GIS Support
Environmental Engineering

Administrative & Business Support
Administrative Services
Business Services

Information & Technology
Web Support
Database Design
Custom Programming
FBAT goes to Clover WFU on the Sequoia National Forest.   Gathers important data to quantify fuel hazard reduction in key old forest habitat. more »
Adaptive Management Services (AMSET) is a Forest Service Enterprise Unit, comprising about thirty employees. We provide specialized services in many areas and offer a flexible alternative for meeting workloads and business needs, much like an internal contractor. For more information on Forest Service Enterprise Units and how they function, visit the Forest Service Enterprise Program.

USDA Forest Service - Adaptive Management Services Enterprise Unit
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