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Who do I call?

If you have questions about road closures, permits or other local information, contact the forest or grassland for site-specific information. If you need to make a camping reservation, go to Recreation.gov.

Sidney Yates building in Washington D.C.

USDA Forest Service

1400 Independence Ave., SW

Washington, D.C.


(800) 832-1355


Wildland firefighters work on the ground and in the air. (InciWeb.org)People and bureaus

We have more than 39,000 employees nationwide. Here are some ways to find them:

ZIP fact

U.S. Forest Service illustration by Mary Jane Senter.There are only two special ZIP codes in the country. Each U.S. president is assigned a ZIP code for his or her personal use while in the White House. But those ZIP codes are kept a secret. The other lucky ZIP code holder is Smokey Bear, who received so many letters in the 1960s that the U.S. Postal Service gave him 20252. So write him a letter, send him photos or drawings or get ready to celebrate his 70th birthday in 2014! When Smokey is not busy teaching people to prevent wildfires, he will try to answer your letters. Address them to: Smokey Bear, Washington, DC 20252.


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