Staffing and Organization

The National Forest Genetics Laboratory (NFGEL) is staffed with a combination of permanent and temporary employees bringing over 40 years of experience in plant molecular, population, and conservation genetics. The lab also hosts 1 to 3 high school volunteer interns per year.

Staff Member Position Phone Number
Valerie Hipkins NFGEL Director 530-622-1609
Jennifer DeWoody Geneticist 530-621-6883
Randy Meyer Lab Biotechnician 530-295-3037
Jody Mello Lab Biotechnician 530-295-3038
Rosanna Hanson Lab Biotechnician 530-295-3030

NFGEL Steering Committee

NFGEL is guided by a Steering Committee made up of Agency professionals with an interest in the genetic assessment of our nation’s resources. Steering Committee members:

  1. oversee and ensure the accomplishments of the agreed upon work of NFGEL,
  2. assist in setting national priorities for NFGEL workload, and
  3. assist in securing necessary resources to accomplish the program of work.

NFGEL Steering Committee Meeting Notes

NFGEL Steering Committee
Member Forest Service Deputy Area Position Location Phone Number
Kara Chadwick, Chair National Forest System Assistant Director - Forest Management Washington Office, Washington DC 202-205-1667 
Tom Blush National Forest System Regional Geneticist Region 5,
Placerville CA
Barbara Crane National Forest System Regional Geneticist Region 8,
Atlanta GA
Randy Johnson Research & Development National Program Leader, Genetics and Global Change Research - Forest Management Sciences Washington Office, Washington DC 703-605-5178 
Gary Man State & Private Forestry Acting Assistant Director - Cooperative Forestry – Urban and Community Forestry Program Washington Office, Washington DC 202-401-4416
Dave Levinson National Forest System Program Leader, National Stream & Aquatic Ecology Center Ft. Collins CO 970-295-5986
Larry Stritch National Forest System National Botanist - Rangelands Management & Vegetation Ecology Washington Office, Washington DC 304-274-6947