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Legacy Roads Monitoring Studies


Legacy Roads Monitoring Map

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Legacy Roads Monitoring Project

The US Forest Service has been engaged in an extensive program of road improvement efforts called The Legacy Roads Project since 2008.  The goals of this effort are to reduce the hydrologic and geomorphic impacts of the existing Forest Service road network on critical watersheds and aquatic resources by decommissioning and upgrading forest roads.  The Legacy Roads Monitoring Project is a regional effort to examine the effectiveness of the road decommissioning, storm damage risk reduction (SDRR) and road storage projects.

The effectiveness of road decommissioning treatment was measured using a before-after-control impact design (BACI).  We are using GRAIP model outputs and associated field observations as indicators of the state of risk.

A sample of 4 miles of road segments is selected for both treated and control sites. The untreated control sites are selected based on their proximity and similarity to treated sites with respect to road construction methods, maintenance levels, geology, and geomorphic setting.   Each study site is inventoried before a road treatment occurs, after treatments and, after a 7 year recurrence interval storm event.  Control sites are inventoried before treatment and after a 7 year storm event. 


Legacy Roads Monitoring Project Update - 2012



Lolo Creek Decommissioning, Clearwater National Forest, Idaho

Mann Creek Decommissioning, Payette National Forest, Idaho

Mann Creek Post-Storm Report, Payette National Forest, Idaho

Island Park, Caribou-Targee National Forest, Idaho


Bull Run River Watershed, Mt. Hood National Forest, Oregon

Granite Creek, Umatilla National Forest, Oregon

Nestucca River Watershed SDRR, Siuslaw National Forest, Oregon



Mill Creek Watershed, Gallatin National Forest, Montana


Skokomish River Watershed Decommissioning, Olympic NF, Washington

Skokomish River Watershed SDRR, Olympic National Forest, Washington

Suiattle River Watershed SDRR, Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, Washington


Mammoth Creek Watershed Road Decommissioning, Dixie National Forest, Utah


Legacy Roads

Road Inventory and Monitory with GRAIP - CDM Water Resources Discipline Webinar (.wmv file). Introduction to GRAIP Road Studies in the Western US - including some examples. August 17, 2010.


How Does Decommissioning Forest Roads Affect Hydrologic and Geomorphic Risk (Tom Black, Richard Cissel, Nathan Nelson, Charlie Luce, and Brian Staab - 20,682 KB PDF of poster presented at the American Geophysical Union, December 2010)


Prioritizing Road Restoration using the Geomorphic Road Analysis and Inventory Package (GRAIP) to Improve Watershed Conditions in the Wall Creek Watershed, Oregon (Kate Day, Nathan Nelson, Catherine Clifton, Tom Black, Charles Luce, and Sara McCune - PDF of poster presented at the American Geophysical Union, December 2010)


Description and Contacts of two Regional Legacy Roads and Trails Program studies in the Pacific Northwest.


Legacy Roads Photo Gallery


Road Decommissioning: Picking the Right Road - Science Briefing


Legacy Roads Monitoring Project Update - 2012


Contact for Legacy Roads

Tom Black at (208) 373-4363 or tblack<at>


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