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Legacy Roads Photo Gallery

Please credit the "USDA Forest Service" when using these images.


Broad-based Dip on the Mt. Baker

Snoqualmie NF.

BBD poor

Broad-based Dip in poor condition, Umatilla NF. 

Does not drain effectively.
Gallatin - cutslope creep

Cutslope creep on the Gallatin NF.


Debris Flow

Debris flow deposit at a washed out stream crossing.


stream crossing

Excavated stream crossing.


decommisioned drain

Decommissioned drain.

decommissioned road sius

Decommissioned road, Siuslaw NF.

decommisioned stream crossing sideslope failure

Sideslope failure, excavated stream crossing.


fill creep

Fillslope creep.


fill failure

Fillslope failure.


Fish Lake range road

Rangeland road, Fish Lake NF.


flow diffuser

Flow diffuser.



Stream crossing ford.


ford post SDRR MTB

Post-SDRR stream crossing ford.

Mt. Baker – Snoqualmie NF.


Road hazard and GPS inventory in progress.


Gully - South Fork Boise River

Gully below ditch relief culvert.

Boise NF.





no ditch shasta

Road without a ditch.

Shasta-Trinity NF.


non eng broken berm

Broken berm results in non-engineered drain.


oly decommisioned stream crossing incised

Incision through an excavated stream crossing.

Olympic NF.


rain gage sius

Rain gage setup.

Siuslaw NF.


range road

Rangeland road.

Fish Lake NF.


recontoured road oly

Recontoured streamside road.

Olympic NF.


recontoured road prism oly

Recontoured road.

Olympic NF.


road debris flow

Debris flow deposit on road.

stream crossing postdec survey

Post-decommissioning inventory, stream crossing pebble count.


stream crossing dipped

Broad based dip over a stream crossing, post-SDRR.




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